Virgin Trains Promo Codes - July 2024

Virgin Trains Discount Promo Codes

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Everyone wants to save money on train travel, so Virgin Trains discount codes are a no-brainer, right? If we offer you a new way to get a better deal on your tickets then you’d be mad not to take it, but we thought you should know exactly how great this company are before you book, and ALL the benefits of sorting your ticket out online, direct from the train operator. For many years, they have been successfully operating their west coast service that links up London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow, but since 2015, they have also had responsibility for the main UK east coast rail routes that cover Leeds, York, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. This is a separate operation from the west coast network, but you can access their east coast services from their main official site using our Virgin Trains promo codes.

Making Passengers a Priority

They were one of the original private train operators, and in a time when the reputation and reliability of certain rail companies comes under an increasing amount of scrutiny, we can find reassurance in the fact that they strive to improve their performance on a daily basis. Through providing up to the minute information of services, garnering feedback via their National Rail Passenger Survey and upholding values through the Passenger Charter, there’s no doubt they make these passengers a priority.

Travel to More Places Than Ever Before

It might be tempting to use a rail or travel search engine on the promise that it looks through an infinite number of ticket prices so you get the cheapest one possible, but if you know which train company you want to travel with, buying direct means you cut out the cost of that added commission and can book using the most up to date time table and travel info. Going one step further and booking with one of our Virgin Trains promotional codes means you access additional discounts before you visit their site, and this really DOES get you the cheapest ticket possible.


Contact Details

The contact form offers a way to detail your queries and questions, but sometimes you might need to talk to a representative. It’s incredibly easy to find cheaper train tickets when booking with Virgin Trains promo codes, but if you have a question about a particular route, service, station or train, you can call their helpline on 0344 556 5650. If you require travel assistance (for example if you are disabled, or travelling with someone who has a disability), it’s recommended you inform them 24 hours before you travel on their Journey Care line by calling 08000 158 123. To claim for a refund because of a delayed train, please send your unused train tickets to PO Box 23972, Edinburgh, EH3 5DA.

Social Media

Travelling on any form of transport means keeping up to date with the latest timetables, possible delays and news of unforeseeable disruptions, so if you’ve already booked your tickets using Virgin Trains discount codes, we highly recommend you follow them on social media, and perhaps even sign up to receive live notifications as and when they happen. The Twitter page is not only a great way to stay in touch with the rail operator as you travel, but also an excellent way of keeping abreast of all the news mentioned above, and you can also find all this information on their Facebook page too.

But if you want to find out more about the company before booking, their YouTube channel is an excellent resource, with videos covering their many initiatives such as this one that highlights one of their local food and drink suppliers…

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