6 Things Every New Dog Owner Needs to Know This National Dog Day

Posted on 26 Aug 2016 by Anna Scott
To say bringing a new dog into your home is akin to having a child is no exaggeration. This National Dog Day it’s worth remembering that old saying, a puppy (or dog) is for life, not just for Christmas, or whatever time of year you decide to take one on. Providing a much-needed home for a dog could be one of the most rewarding things you can do, but undertaking this on an impulse is not recommended. Get as much advice as possible from the professionals such as The Kennel Club or your local re-homing centre before you make a commitment as well as reading our top tips on puppy love and how to prepare for it…


Research, Research, Research

Border collie and friendHopefully we’ve drilled into you the idea that doing your dog and puppy research is quite important. There are two types of prospective dog owner – those that want a particular breed and those who are looking to adopt a dog or puppy from a re-homing centre. If you fall into the latter category, then the centre will help you find the right dog for your family and household circumstances. If you’d rather go for a puppy, make sure you buy from a reputable breeder and avoid responding to ads placed for particular breed as there’s a risk you could be inadvertently supporting the illegal puppy farm trade. It’s important that you view the puppy with its mother and make sure it’s being kept in suitable surroundings.

When it comes to breeds, this is where the research part comes in – different dogs suit different owners and circumstances. For example, working breeds such as border collies need to be active so if you will out at work all day, this is not the type of dog for you.


Protect Your Home

Puppy chewing shoeTo become a dog-owner, you will to accept that your dog will take precedence over your home interior, and if you’re particularly house-proud, then you need to let go of those impulses. Puppies will want to chew things – FACT. Yes, training can help, but it’s important you put away those wires, shoes, books, and indeed anything they might to get their teeth into before you bring your dog home. Just bought a new sofa? You might want to think about investing in a new cover too then.





Talking of training, the earlier the better, so sign up for those classes as soon as you take your new dog or puppy in. This increases your chances of having a happy, socialised, well-behaved dog in the long term.



Black puppyAND talking of socialisation, this is such an important aspect of their development that can so easily be ignored. If you’ve decided on a puppy, then you should take it on from about the 8-week mark and it is from then until about 4 months that is the crucial socialisation period. Expose it to as many different types of people, sights and sounds as possible, and if you’re buying a puppy from a reputable breeder, they should give you a guide with what sort of socialisation activities the dog has already undergone and what you should continue with.



You are now required to get your dog microchipped by law by the time they are 8 weeks old, so this is something you need to have planned before you even pick up your puppy. Dogs from re-homing centres should have already been microchipped, but your will need to update the details once you take ownership. The Chip It Check It site contains all the information you will need about microchipping your dog or puppy as well as the most up-to-date guidelines and regulations.



Terrier puppyYou might have had your heart set on a name for weeks, perhaps even years, but The Kennel Club recommends that two syllable names are best for training purposes as they won’t get confused with single syllable commands. Also, bear in mind that you’ll probably be yelling out this name in your local park on a daily basis, so you don’t want it to be too embarrassing…



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