Cutting Down the Rubbish for Zero Waste Week

Posted on 05 Sep 2016 by Anna Scott
Although the idea of achieving ZERO household waste may seem rather unrealistic, the idea behind this year’s Zero Waste Week in to cut this down as much as you possibly can, which not only helps the environment but can also your own household costs. Even reducing your household rubbish a small amount can help, so here are a few tips that will contribute to the cause…


Smart Shopping

Food packagingIt all starts with what you put in your trolley and we’re not just talking organic food. Excess packaging is a key issue for many environmentally aware supermarket shoppers, and even though the new carrier bag charge has been widely hailed as a step in the right direction, keeping an eye on the type of products you buy and how they are presented can also help in cutting down in your waste.

Buying loose fruit and vegetables is an easy way of reducing the amount of packaging in your shop and you can also reuse the small plastic bags once you’ve eaten up all food you initially put in them. You could also choose to go one step further and by pass the supermarkets altogether by ordering vegetable boxes to be delivered to your home. The items here are generally delivered lose in the box, meaning there’s very little plastic packaging involved and more often than not you’re going to get a superior product too – Riverford Organic promo codes can get you access to their range for a perfect introduction.

And wherever you shop, don’t forget to take those reusable bags every time you head out!


Smart Recycling

The recycling policies of councils vary a great deal across the country, and even if you’re the slightest bit unsure of what your local authority does actually recycle, then it’s well-worth checking out their website as these policies often change over time. One issue that’s often brought up by councils is the topic of clean recycling materials, and whatever they do recycle, it always needs to be clean.  Removing contaminated items can slow down the recycling process and make it more expensive, so make sure you give everything a good rinse before you put in their recycling bin if you don’t want to add to the waste burden.


Smart Eating

Many councils now offer food waste recycling which is undeniably useful, but cutting down on this aspect of your household waste will not only relieve pressure on the service but also reduce your own food costs. One big contributor to household food waste is stale or mouldy bread, and advice on the Zero Waste Week site recommends you freeze your loaves after slicing and remove what you need when you need it. It’s also advisable to go through your vegetable drawers in the fridge on a regular basis and use up any items that look like they’re on the turn, ideally in sauces and soups, or crumbles if you have any overly-ripe fruit.

When it comes to dry stores, you don’t have to keep tabs on items in your cupboard quite so often, but going through them every couple of months and making meals out of the tins stuck at the back will not only save you money on your food shop, but also encourage your culinary creativity!


Smart Packaging

Bubble wrapThere is a lot of packaging out there that isn’t very smart, and we’re not just talking about food wrapping this time. Once particular area of concern is the still frequent use of polystyrene pieces to protect products in transit and what to do with them once they’re in your home. There are a number of helpful hints on the Zero Waste Week site including using it for drainage in your pot plants, and perhaps the most resourceful tip of all – advertising it on Freecycle or eBay for companies and individuals who sell their own items so it can be reused again and avoid the waste bin and landfill site.


If you find you’re in dire need of any useful home recycling products such as food waste bins and storage containers, Argos discount codes and Ethical Superstore promotional codes can provide you with plenty of choice and savings, but even without these additional accessories, it’s easy to make small changes to your household routine so you can cut down on that waste and help the planet as well as your bank balance.

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