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Posted on 30 Jul 2021 by Amy Jackson

Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue Bio

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We are excited to announce that the Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue charity is taking part in our Charity Poll, and to succeed in winning 20% Of our profits, we need your help!

As a small group of volunteers, they are passionate about finding caring homes for kittens and cats in need.

They rehome, rescue and foster hundreds of cats across the South West every year, who have been treated unwell, have been abandoned, abused or just simply unwanted. We feel that no animal should be treated with such behaviour and are glad to see that this organisation works every day to find an environment for them where they can purr away in a loving home. They are directly involved with all the rescued cats and kittens, and foster them in facilities purposely built for them, or in their homes until they find their forever loving home. They truly believe that cats do not deserve to be put down unless it is the only option recommended by the vet, and work on the wellbeing of these cats and kittens every day.

So they can further support and improve the facilities for these cats, as well as keep up with the vet payments, they have taken on the opportunity to take part in our charity poll and just by a click of the mouse you can vote for them.


How Else Can you Support Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue?

To further support this fantastic cause, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook, so you can stay up to date with how the rescue cats and kittens are doing.

Fostering: If you want to become a volunteer, have a look on their site, where you will be able to join in with the fostering process so you can look after these pets every few weeks until a forever home is found for them. As 24 hour support is available and full training would be given, you will have all the tools you need to provide a safe place for the cats.

Home Checking: If you are free for a couple of hours now and then, the Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue would be grateful if you could go out to the new adopters’ homes to have a chat about cats and provide necessary information they may require.

Fundraising and Other Involvement: Without their supporters and fundraisers, they would not be able to keep this organisation going, and collecting for a few hours in a supermarket, Pets at home store or a shopping centre is something you would enjoy doing, then do get in touch with the charity! Don’t worry, you will still have plenty of cuddles with the cats and kittens in between fundraising events.

This August, we are delighted to be supporting Bristol and Wales cat Rescue in our charity poll. Cast your vote for them today and help them win 20% of this month's profits!

To find out more, or make a donation to support Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue’s work, visit their website:

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