How to Survive the Post-Christmas Lull

Posted on 29 Dec 2016 by Anna Scott
If you’re lucky enough to have the week between Christmas and New Year off work, then you might be in a bit of a Quality Street and prosecco-fuelled fog right about now. Aside from constantly checking the calendar to see which day of the week it is, there might the additional problems of relatives who have outstayed their welcome, a growing pile of everyday chores to be completed and a decreasing stock of leftovers in the fridge to snack on. If all this applies to you, here are a few tips on how to survive that sinking end-of-year feeling…



After the pre-Christmas kitchen preparations and the sheer amount of food you have left, you might feel slightly offended at the thought of having to lift a finger on the cooking front until at least, say, 2017? But leftovers don’t last forever, and living off Pringles and peanuts isn’t really advisable. There’s no need to traipse down the shops however, because you can get all the good value provisions you need delivered to your door with Morrisons promo codes, plus there’s £5 to be saved when you spend £80 or more. For actual nutritious meals, think soup made with turkey stock and packed full of lentils and using up all the meat in a curry before it goes off. You can save the fancy culinary tricks until next year.


A TV Binge

There must be some must-see shows you didn’t actually get around to watching in 2016. Now is the time to put your streaming subscription to good use and watch until you’re clued up and can participate in all the relevant online discussions. However, if there’s one old favourite that you have an urge to watch again and can’t find anywhere online, BBC Store discount codes are here to help. With up to 75% off a wide range of classic titles right now, and some from as little as 99p, they’ll be plenty to satisfy your craving for nostalgia including French and Saunders, Abigail’s Party and even The Adventure Game. Remember The Adventure Game? Or are we showing our age?



If all else fails, you can revert back to spending money, albeit slightly less than in the lead up to Christmas. Yep, those bargains that used to known as ‘January’ sales (if you wait until January these days then you’ll probably be missing out) are now up and running. But don’t worry if you can’t be bothered to leave the house because all the best deals and products are online and waiting to be delivered to your front door. Just make sure you can be bothered to open the front door, that’s all we ask. Dare we suggest you might want to use Argos discount vouchers to get half price off selected fitness equipment in an effort to shift those Christmas pounds? Whoops, we already did.



You see, there’s plenty to keep you occupied until next week, but we’re afraid we can’t do too much about those relatives that have overstayed their welcome. Unless you do all of the above behind a closed door, that is. This might give you some respite at least…


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