How Your Vote for UKHarvest can Help Fight Food Waste whilst Redistributing Food to those that Need it Most

Posted on 03 Nov 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
This November, UKHarvest, leading food rescue and redistribution charity, is taking part in the Discount Promo Codes  poll. Vote for UKHarvest to secure funding so healthy and nutritious food, destined for landfill, can be rescued and reach the homes of those that need it most to eliminate food poverty.

With 9.5 million tonnes of food ending up in landfill each year in UK, a change is needed. Households experiencing food poverty are frequently only able to eat one meal a day. There are also an alarming number of households experiencing food insecurity, not knowing or worrying about where their next meal will come from. From January 2022 to June 2023, there has been nearly 100% increase in household experiencing food insecurity and with the cost of living continuing to rise, and Winter setting in, there has never been a more pressing time to help support those in need.

UKHarvest work closely with food producers, food distributors and other local charities, with the key objective to reduce the social and environmental impacts of food waste across the food production chain, enabling perfectly edible and nutritious food to be delivered to homes, charities and communities desperately in need of food this winter. Find out how you can support UKHarvest below.

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What Does UKHarvest Do?

Since founded in 2017, UKHarvest have worked closely with local authorities, charities and communities to ensure that as much food, destined for landfill for a range of reasons, can be rescued and redistributed to those that are experiencing food insecurity or food poverty. The ongoing rise in the cost of living is having an increasingly negative impact on households and communities across the country. People are not able to access their very basic of human rights, to have the food they need to live.

As well as food rescue and redistribution, UKHarvest work hard to create engaging and exciting online educational material, courses and events aimed at raising awareness of the growing need for food rescue and redistribution, but also to help and support the community who are struggling to find out more about specific help available locally and nationally. Through the

creation and distribution of the all UKHarvest’s services and resources, there is a huge push on ensuring that the community have the confidence and resilience to not only cook some incredible meals at home for family and loved ones, but to do so as cheaply and efficiently as possible without compromising on the taste or nutritional value. As a huge proportion of food waste is generated within the home, there is also a fantastic amount of information available for everyone about how to store food, use leftover food and reduce food waste create in the home.


What Services do UKHarvest Provide?

As a community-focused charity, with support and help at the forefront of everything, UKHarvest’s services range from working directly with the local community through food hubs and the community kitchen to educational offerings both in school, online and out in the community.

Listening to the community is how UKHarvest have been able to understand what people need from the food rescue charity. As a result, UKHarvest now runs and manages 16 community food hubs across South East England where, for a small donation, anyone can come and collect a bag of food including fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, store cupboard essentials, frozen food and household products. All of our hubs are managed by an incredible team of volunteers, who kindly give their time to help fight the battle of food waste, and food poverty. There are regular wrap around services available at the community food hubs, offering advice about all aspects of life, wellbeing and health.

As well as redistributing rescued food, UKHarvest also run regular online cook-alongs and cooking demos in the community. The goal is to empower the community through fun and interactive cooking sessions to feel confident when cooking, storing and reusing food to maximise the nutritional value and reduce the amount that ends up in the bin.

UKHarvest have also opened a community kitchen in London, Nourish Hub which provides healthy meals to all those who attend, as well as a range of cookery courses, educational packages and community based events, open to all living in the area.


How Can I Contact UKHarvest?

For all information about events, activities and community food hubs, visit UKHarvest’s website. Details about exactly what services are on offer, and how even the smallest donation can have a huge impact are available, as well as contact details to contact UKHarvest directly. There is up to date information on the website as well as daily updates on social media. For more information on any of the above, visit the website to get in touch.


How Can I Support UKHarvest?

To donate time, money or contact UKHarvest about food donations, make sure to click on the donate page. Raising awareness is key to the success of the charities mission, so if you know of anyone in need, or struggling to meet the growing demands of enabling all to access high quality nutritious food.


If you are passionate about rescuing food from ending up in landfill, and ensuring that it reaches the people that need it most, vote for UKHarvest. Head to our Homepage and you will find the poll on the right hand side, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices. Although you don't need to use vouchers in order to vote, don't forget that any vouchers you do use will add to the donation made to the winning charity!

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