How to Complete your Bucket List On a Budget

Posted on 27 Jun 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
One of the most satisfying things in life is ticking things off your bucket list. From trips to faraway lands you’ve always wanted to visit, to pushing yourself to the limits with extreme sports; often our bucket list goals can seem like something for the future when we’ve saved up a small fortune. Many people leave off the little things, thinking instead that all bucket list items need to be extravagant; meaning that they are much less likely to complete any of their bucket list goals at all. But how can you complete your bucket list without the financial backing to experience all these incredible things? Well, whether it’s learning a new skill, reading classic novels or hiking across Europe, our money saving guide will make sure you don’t miss out on your dreams.


Reading the Classics

Starting off small, reading classic novels is often on the “to do before you die” list. Whether you are an avid reader and haven’t gotten around to the classics yet, or perhaps you aren’t a big literary fan but want to see what all the fuss is about, then there are some very inexpensive ways to save on classic novels. With our Amazon discount codes for example, you can get amazing deals on a variety of entertainment such as DVDs, CDs and of course books. Amazon are known for having a huge range of products, including those sold by Amazon themselves and sold my third-party sellers. Browse the classic novels you want to read such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice and Great Expectations, and you can build up your book collection at a great price. They even offer free delivery on book orders over £10 so you can save even more on home delivery.  

Money Saving Tip: One of the best ways to save with our money saving codes is by signing up to Amazon Prime. Using our daily updated offers, you can sign up for as little as £3.99 per month and even get 6 months free with a student account! Stock up on bucket list books for less when you buy online.



Enjoy the Ultimate Adventure

One common theme in many peoples bucket lists, is extreme sports. From abseiling to skydiving, these activities are often a “once in a lifetime” adventure which we all want to do at some point in our lives. But when? Brushing off our bucket list as something we can do in many years to come means it’s less likely to happen at all. However, when you book an experience day online, you don’t have to spend hours planning when and where your going, how much it will add up to and how you will fit it in with your working life. With our Virgin Experience Days promo codes, you can book your next bucket list adventure online in seconds and get an e-voucher so you can book your activity whenever you are free. There are a huge range of exciting activities you can tick off your list from romantic hot air balloon rides to exciting sky diving adventures and everything in between.

Money Saving Tip: Don’t forget to check out the discounts and deals when you explore the activities online. From Valentines Day deals to Christmas bargains, shopping at the right time of year and taking advantage of their daily offers can save you up to a huge 75% on some of the most sought-after activities.


Explore the Most Beautiful Places

As the saying goes “travel broadens the mind” and those who have travelled a bit in their lives will know this to be true. Whether venturing across Europe, driving across America or a trip to your favourite place in the world is on the bucket list, there is no reason why you can’t bite the bullet and book your next adventure now. Booking your holiday online with our Expedia promo codes means that you can book hotels, flights and car hire all in one place, at a bargain price. In fact, when you book everything at Expedia, you get an automatic 17% off your booking, which can be added onto other deals and discounts. Get money off adventures across the US and Canada, Europe, Australia and Africa.

Money Saving Tip: Take advantage of last-minute deals and find hotel deals from just £36. You can save hundreds of pounds on top quality hotels, flights and holiday packages with our offers and vouchers, and save on bucket list favourites.




Unlock Hidden Local Gems

You don’t have to venture far in order to enjoy iconic historical landmarks, beautiful scenery and incredible experiences. Activities such as camping, hiking and visiting local landmarks such as Stonehenge and Blackpool Tower can be excellent, cost effective ways to tick off some interesting bucket list options. However, if you are venturing into the local wilderness for a camping or hiking adventure, then having the right equipment is essential, not only for your own safety and to ensure you can achieve everything you aim to do, but also for your own comfort; so one of your dream experiences doesn’t turn into a nightmare!

Money Saving Tip: Investing in good quality camping gear, hiking equipment and outdoor clothing will stand you in good stead no matter how many trips you make, near or far. With Blacks discount codes, you can save more on camping and hiking equipment from hard-wearing walking shoes to weather-proof tents.




Discover New Things & Learn a New Skill

Whether you’ve always wanted to learn guitar but just haven’t had the time or want to learn more about the world of philosophy, there are plenty of ways you can learn something new without enrolling on a full time, full price course. There are plenty of flexible and affordable online courses where you can learn new things such as how to read music, the basics of computer science, beginner to advanced chemistry, architecture and so much more. With our edX discount codes you can find offers for a variety of online courses from casual courses for those who just want to learn something new to degree courses and even master’s degrees. Sign up online and get an instant discount on your course with our money saving codes, with courses for all people and interests.

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