How to Avoid Halloween This Year?

Posted on 17 Oct 2016 by Anna Scott
It’s fair to say we’ve had enough scares, frights and shocks this year already. Depending on your opinion of Halloween, you might feel that you need to let your hair down, throw in the towel and celebrate, or alternatively wrap yourself up in a comforting blanket and pretend it’s not happening this year for the sake of your own sanity. Today we’re going to offer some support to those who fall into the latter camp and want to avoid Halloween 2016, and you’ll be pleased to know it won’t be as difficult as you imagine…


Escape for the Weekend

Cottage in DartmouthIt may fall on a Monday this year, but the weekend beforehand is going to be a full-on Halloween frenzy, especially if you live in an area chock full of kids or students. But there is no reason for despair – this is the perfect excuse to get away from it all with a weekend break in the middle of nowhere, ideally a small village where they couldn’t give two hoots about Halloween or trick or treating. Tourist hotspots on the coast are usually pretty quiet at this time of year, so give Coast & Country Cottages promo codes a go for a last minute break in South Devon. Just don’t watch any creepy coastal-themed movies before you set off.


Take Advantage of Great Value Sweets

Halloween chocolatesYou may not want to celebrate Halloween but there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the many non-spooky benefits. Yes, we’re talking cheap sweets and at this time of the year shops aren’t short of the things. Multi-bags, retro candy and posh Halloween chocolates are all delicious even if they’re spider web or cauldron-shaped, so use Chocolate Trading Company discount vouchers to stock up on any seasonal bargains as well as non-Halloween treats for extra comfort on the darkest of evenings.


Discourage Those Pesky Treat Or Treaters

Cosy lanternThere seems to be an unwritten code that if you don’t have Halloween decorations up then you’d rather not have trick or treaters knocking on your door every two minutes or so. Most of the time this is upheld – we’re still not really into the whole trick or treating thing as those folk across the Atlantic – but if you want to make extra sure you’re not disturbed, turn off those lights, keep the curtains closed and curl up in bed with a good book. If you want to take a more direct route, you can always download a ‘No Trick or Treaters’ poster, but be warned, this might have the opposite effect. A more effective solution could be to just put a big bowl of sweets outside your door with a ‘Help Yourself’ sign attached. Or just go out for the evening. Either works.


Skip Straight to Christmas

Christmas presentsYes, we agree it’s far too early for anything Christmas-related, but it is the antithesis to Halloween in so many ways, so if you want to pretend Halloween isn’t happening, then why not throw yourself into some early preparations? Start making present lists, get some early savings with Debenhams promotional codes, and perhaps even watch a Christmas film or two so as to avoid stumbling across any horror movies that might be showing. Just don’t get out the Christmas jumpers just yet. We can all agree that it really is far too early for those sorts of shenanigans.


So don’t worry if you’re not a fan of Halloween - it will all be over in a couple of weeks and you can then enjoy all the discounted sweets and chocolates you desire!

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