Does Wearing a Suit Make You More Successful at Work?

Posted on 27 Jul 2016 by Anna Scott
Does smart attire help or hinder your work ethic and attitude? A recent BBC article suggests that spending more on your suit could mean you’re taken more seriously, but this all depends on the type of work you do. On the flip side, Starbucks are actively encouraging their members of staff to inject a bit of quirkiness and personality into their work wardrobe. Is more individuality the way forward, or should we still dress to impress if we want the best results?

British designer Oswald Boateng believes too many people play it safe when it comes to workwear and that a little flourish and some distinctive styling could help them make their mark in a positive way and send out the right message to clients and colleagues. Recent research has shown that people are judged on their appearance within seconds and choosing what to wear is a key factor. However, is it really as simple as smart designer vs. scruffy? Here are some things you need to consider for both men’s and women’s work wardrobes when picking out something that will make a positive impact whilst still keeping you in your fashion comfort zone…


Dress for the Occasion

Man in Blue SuitNot all companies and clients like overly-smart suits and work wear. If you’re unfamiliar with the company or individual, do your research beforehand and adjust your wardrobe accordingly. Mark Zuckerberg has taken office casual to a whole new level, but even if you’re dealing with a forward-thinking company, they might still prefer the smarter look.


Avoid Novelties

There’s nothing wrong with expressing your individuality, but wearing a novelty tie with your suit might be taking it one step too far. By all means add a personal flourish, but remember to keep it classy.


Dress for the Season

If you’re bored with the same old suit colour, add some seasonal shades into the mix. For example, a suit in a lighter blue or stone colour. Or if you don’t want to go as far as buying a lighter shade of suit, switch up your shirt.


Designer Go-To Pieces

Woman at deskYou might not be able to afford to go designer for every single item of work wear, so pick out your staples - the garments you get the most wear out of – and invest in some top quality. When you’re spending more money on these particular items, it’s so important that you get the cut right, because buying designer work wear is as much about the fit as it is about the look. Using Van Mildert discount codes is a great way to pick out classic designer pieces at a more affordable price, or you can check out the latest online clearance sales to pick up a bargain.


Off the Rack

BUT, there’s nothing wrong with off the rack too, of course. However, there’s one thing you should consider when looking for a good suit jacket – how well the shoulders fit. Baggy shoulders are a dead giveaway for a cheap suit, so if you want to create the right impression then you either need to do your research, spend some time trying on different styles or just go the whole hog and consider something made to measure. Savile Row Company promo codes combine excellent prices with well-made suits and work wear, making them a great option for those looking for some more traditional pieces to add to their wardrobe.


The Classic White Shirt

For both men and women this is a must-have. It can be dressed up or down and goes with pretty much everything.


Repeat Purchases

If you find a garment you love in a fit that works, don’t be afraid of repeat purchases. You’re going to be spending most of your days in these clothes after all, so why opt for something else that’s not quite as good or suitable? Try mixing it up with a few different shades if you like, or stick with your absolute favourite and get something identical if you prefer.


Ankle Boots

Ankle BootsMore for women than men this one, but this is another versatile item that you shouldn’t do without. Killer heels are a definite no-no for some, but these are a much more comfortable alternative and they go with absolutely everything from pencil skirts to skinny jeans.


Be Comfortable!

Probably the most important thing of all to remember because feeling uncomfortable in your workwear does not make for a productive day at work. Finding your own version of smart, or even smart casual, might take a bit of time, but once you’ve got it, embrace it!


Whatever your work situation, there’s the perfect fashion option out there for you – you just need to give yourself time to find it! But at the other end of the spectrum you might be lucky enough to work for a company who embraces the super-casual look and actively encourages those baggy jeans. If so, Surfdome discount vouchers can help you go casual, but still with a touch of street wear label influence so you’re not too scruffy…











































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