Your Checklist to All the Ways You Can Save Money as a Student

Posted on 15 Jan 2019 by Alice Marshall

Let's face it, there is one thing that outshines the expanding of one's mind at university. No, it's not getting that much needed independence from your parents, or the concept of cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Actually, it's the smell of money wafting in the air when that student loan hits your bank account and you can jump on every incredible student discount available.

Not sure where to start? We don't exactly blame you – it's a little overwhelming! But not to worry, because we're here to provide you with a comprehensive list on all the ways you can stick to that student budget – and maybe treat yourself here and there, too. C'mon, what's a student loan for after all!

Save on the Gadgets Students Need


With all those essays you'll be churning out and hours spent holed up in the library, it's important to invest in decent devices that will stand the test of tens of thousands of words. Luckily, there are tons of great deals out there on laptops and tablets.

Take the Apple Education store for instance. Simply validate your student status through your institution and you can benefit from huge cuts of as much as £270 across their Macbooks and iPads.

If Apple isn't your style, Samsung, HP and the Microsoft Store also have deals with the student in mind.

mobile phone

But the student discounts don't just stop there. As well as landing yourself a state of the art laptop, you can also get discounts on streaming services like Apple Music and Spotify. Get 50% off Spotify Premium! For film and TV, try out Amazon Prime for Students.

Keep in touch with home and your friends doted around the country with many UK network providers offering discounts on airtime. Both EE Mobile and O2 Mobile will give you a 20% reduction on your tariff.


Doll Yourself Up for the SU with Clothing Promo Codes


With so many parties, from hitting up the student union bar to house parties and bar crawls, nailing the right outfit is essential. Thankfully, most of your favourite fashion retailers are providing students with the goods, with most offering at least 10-15% off your order every time, including Lyle and Scott and New Look.

Keep a look out, because the likes of Topman and Miss Selfridge and many other online shops lift their student discount to as much as 20 or 30% for a limited time!

Looking for the perfect pair of footwear? Try Schuh or go straight to the brand with our Converse and Vans discount codes.

The Best Time to Travel as a Student


We're serious when we say what better way to blow your student loan than by seeing the world? Not only are their ample ways to save money through particular companies, but you also have the absolute blessing of not having to go away during peak times.

With most courses only running for about 8-9 months of the year, you can avoid school holiday prices and book far cheaper trips.

Better still, find student fares for flights by booking through companies like STA Travel. STA Travel's entire ethos is to provide cheap means of travel across the globe for the student, with discounts and deals on flights, student travel cards and once in a lifetime work abroad opportunities.

These amazing student savings can apply to travelling within the UK, too. First and foremost, it's worth finding out what your local transportation services offer. From a 18+ Student Oyster photocard to First bus company offering tiered tickets, including cheap options for students.

You can also purchase a Railcard, now not only available for 16-25 year olds, but 26-30, too. These Railcards save you a 1/3 off rail fares across the country.


Dining Out or Staying in, How Students Can Save on Food


When it comes to food shopping, you need to be savvy. Whilst there aren't direct ways to save specifically for students, if you're smart you can always guarantee a great deal. Our tips are:

- Go to your local supermarket when it's close to closing. They'll have reduced a lot of their fresh goods, including bread, fruit and vegetables and refrigerated goods.

- Consider putting in a online food order as a house or flat. Split the cost of delivery and know you're buying only what you need – let's face it, we all get tempted when we're hungry and roaming a supermarket.

- Look out for our Tesco, Sainsburys and Waitrose & Partners promo codes saving you as much as £20 on your first online food shop.

As for dining out, we know students need no excuse not to cook. Find a number of great restaurant deals using MyUniDays, or why not get 35% off when you order Dominos Pizza.

Be Smart with Your Bills

Matthias Alleckna, an energy Analyst at adds that "a helpful tip is to include predictability to your budget. Cost certainty is a valuable budgeting lesson for college students. In times when everything can be unpredictable (future, grades, tuition increases, etc.), it's important to make your bills as predictable as possible, so you can focus on what's important. A good step towards cost certainty would be to fix your rates. Most phone plans, internet providers and utilities offer both variable- and fixed-rate plans. Students can select fixed rate plans, so they know what to expect from their energy bills. Sometimes floating rates are cheaper, but they can change at any time and generate unexpected bills, which is risky for people on a budget, especially students"

Save on Hefty University Text Books


It goes without saying textbooks for degree level studies can feel like they cost more than our life is worth. Thankfully, as well as Amazon frequently offering 10% off book orders, other book shops are also providing cheaper study resources. Wordery offers 60% cut on many university texts.

Our tip? Utilise your library. Many of the set texts you need to read will be right there gathering dust. What's more, you can do much of your background reading with the hundreds of thousands of books provided there, too. And, guess what? It's free!


Make Student Halls Cosy with Great Discounts


Whilst Argos don't offer student discounts, if you search 'student' in their search bar, it'll take you to a page dedicated to cheap student essentials. Make your new space feel like home with cosy additions and also buy those must-have items like a duvet and pillows, pots and pans and so much more, including gadgets too.

And... breathe! There are so many incredible ways to save money as a student. Bets of all, Discount Promo Codes hosts them all so you can find them in one fantastic place. So buy that new pair of trainers, book those flights to Australia and take the night off a bowl of cereal for a Cheeky Nandos instead!

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