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Posted on 01 Dec 2021 by Amy Jackson
Lucy Air Ambulance for Children (Lucy AAC) is the only charity in the UK that funds flights for children to hospital by aeroplane. Our service is required when transfer by NHS road ambulance or rotary air ambulance would either be impractical or harmful to the child’s health.

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Their transfers mean that:

  • Children can access life-saving specialist care and surgery, including organ transplants. 

  • Premature babies can be moved in our incubator to receive neonatal care close to home.  

  • Children who are nearing end of life can be taken to a hospital/hospice closer to home. 

  • Families are reunited and parents’ mental health improves. 

They work in partnership with air ambulance providers and NHS transport teams throughout the UK by providing the funding to make these flights happen. The NHS does not have any budget for air ambulance transfers and relies on Lucy AAC to provide this essential service at no cost. Without their service, many children would not have access to the essential specialist treatment and care they need - which in many cases is life-saving.


Lucy Air Ambulance for Children’s unique service

As part of the air ambulance network, they are the only charity in the UK that offers transfers by aeroplane which means that:

  • They can cover the whole of the UK to transfer children over long-distances and across regions.

  • Planes are less subject to noise and vibration than helicopters, so it is a safer environment for children, especially premature babies and those with respiratory conditions.

  • Planes have enough space to ensure a parent is always able to travel with their child.

  • They can fly in a wider range of weather conditions meaning that their flights are less likely to be postponed.

Why support Lucy Air Ambulance for Children now?

Any parent with a seriously ill child just wants their child to get better. The charity believes that safe, long distance air transfers within the UK should be available for any child needing one, regardless of distance or cost.

Due to current funding they are only able to fly 2 out of every 4 children that need this crucial service. They believe every child is important and deserves the right treatment, in the right place, at the right time.

With your help, Lucy Air Ambulance for Children can reach every child that needs them!

Lucy Air Ambulance for Children: Life changing Urgent Care for the Young

Find out more about the charity and the work that they do at

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