The How to Shop for the Party Season Guide- For Men

Posted on 30 Nov 2016 by Julian House
Halloween and bonfire have now passed and it’s time to get your glad rags on for the party season that’s fast approaching. With so much going on, the population seem to get fully booked in December.

There are endless options for women when preparing for work night’s out and all the other Christmas parties, but men often become clueless. Where do you start? December often consists of a diverse mixture that will need both casual and smart attire to compliment the different parties and crowds.


Shopping For Smart Clothes

During the party season there will most likely be a Christmas work do, and maybe some formal meetings and meals with not just business associates but important clients too. This calls for some suit shopping or at least the chance of wearing a shirt and trousers.


Tips- The majority of men don’t know what size they require, that’s why it’s great to get measured. Remember the following tips when finding a blazer jacket of your choice.


  1. The jacket should fit nicely and not be loose-fit, be sure that your shoulders aren’t shaped straight across, and the jacket is hugging your shoulders.

  2. It shouldn’t be hanging helplessly below your waist, it will come below your waist but it shouldn’t fall past your fingertips.

  3. Don’t do all your buttons on your jacket up, its fashion 101 when it comes to wearing a flash suit.


What to Buy

So now you know some of the basics of suit shopping, you’re probably wondering where to begin your spree. Check stores such as Saville Row, TM Lewin and TK Maxx if you want to get the designer brands for less.

Burton Waistcoat Voucher Codes

But we have found a way to get hold of the perfect suit without the huge expenditure. You can buy the ideal fitted suit to compliment the occasion, use our Burton voucher codes and get 50% off on shirts and waistcoats or opt for their free shoes with your suit. If you’ve got many plans of the festive period then take advantage of TM Lewin promo codes and get 4 bespoke shirts for just £100.


Getting Smart Casual for the Party Season

This could be your best option for December, with a mixture of events and a hint of both professionalism and pleasure, it might be best to sit on the fence with this one. But what does smart casual even mean?


Tips- It can be horrible to misjudge the dress code and then be left with the feeling that you’re undressed. Smart casual means wisely incorporating sleek ensembles without going all out in the suit and tie.


  1. Unless you have been told otherwise before attending your meal or party, jeans can be used. Dark blue or black jeans can work in perfecting the smart casual look.

  2. Don’t risk trainers, go for something in between and rather than getting shiny black pointy leathers, enjoy some suede brogues or black loafers to complete your outfit.

  3. It’s all in the blazer, there are so many blazers that qualify as casual, you don’t need to mix and match your suit jacket with a casual shirt or tee


What to Buy

Combine a smart casual blazer with a t-shirt or oxford buttoned shirt and then wear a pair of black loafers. There are many choices with this approach, because there’s no necessity or particular rules, only guidelines. Invest in a nice shirt if you don’t want to wear a blazer.


New Look shirt


We have discovered a nice white shirt that crosses over into both smart casual and smart that can also be completed with some black loafers. With New Look discount vouchers the black loafers are just £11 and the shirt is reduced from £19.99 to £8.

It’s best not to attend the party season unprepared and too casual. Enjoy the best of both smart or smart casual, with a whole range of new styles available. There are options with New Look promos and party season deals at Burton too. With so much money being spent on the night out itself as well as Christmas gifts, it’d be silly to overspend during this time.

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