Cast Your Vote for The Link Visiting Scheme in October's Charity Poll

Posted on 22 Sep 2021 by Amy Jackson

Who Are the Link Visiting Scheme?


This charity is working every day to reduce loneliness in Wokingham Borough. Since they have been established, the charity has created a place where hundreds of elderly people who have either lost a loved one, good health or family and friends can create meaningful connections again. The Link Visiting Scheme ensures that all individuals understand that feeling lonely is a normal emotion, and has a range of programs and facilities to ensure that individuals can work through and eliminate these emotions. You can refer individuals to this charity and after a chat,  individuals can be matched with a volunteer who can visit and keep in touch to help through the times of loneliness.

The Link Visiting Scheme Logo

What Services Do The Link Visiting Scheme Offer?

They are offering a wide range of services, and one of their most popular is Befriending. Here individuals get a chance to have some company around by being matched to a volunteer. To ensure that new friendships are formed straight away, you have a chat with them first, so the charity can find out about your personality and interest so you can be matched with the right person. Afterwards, your chosen volunteer will be able to come and visit you whenever it’s most convenient to you and give you some company so you can have additional happiness in your life. As there are no age restrictions, anybody can visit and are welcome to register for this service. 

Friendship groups are also available where groups of 5-6 Volunteers and friends gather together locally for a social based on their interests!  These meetings include fun activities and a chit-chat so people can feel part of a more social environment and have a larger yet not intimidating  engagement to look forward to . Online chats and group activities are also available via their Link Online programme where in scenarios such as the Covid 19 Pandemic, friends were able to stay in touch and ensure that they didn’t feel lonely at such an isolated time!


How Can I Support the Link Visiting Scheme?


To get involved with the charity, first be sure to vote for them in our October Charity Poll. If you feel like you have got a couple of hours a month spare, you are also able to volunteer for this great cause and become a fundraiser, or a friend. With plenty of opportunities available, just request one of their charity packs and enjoy supporting a great cause.

To find out more, or make a donation to support The Link Visiting Scheme’s  work, visit their website:

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