University Essentials: What to Put in Your Student Starter Kit

Posted on 29 Aug 2019 by Anna Scott
If you’re leaving home for the first time to study, then there is going to be a mammoth check list to get through before departing. You’ll be amazed at some of the things we all take for granted that we can’t do without. Cheese graters, sieves, whisks, a decent chopping board… even if you’re preparing the most basic of meals, a missing item from your kitchen cupboard can make all the difference.

But we’re not here to talk just student kitchen essentials. There are plenty of other things you won’t be able to do without when moving into halls or a student flat. From all the tech and stationary, you’ll need to some little luxuries to help you settle, here are a few suggestions…


Student Essentials Gifts and Starter Packs

Now, you may be reading this as a prospective student, or you may be reading it as the parent of a prospective student. We’re addressing the latter now to a certain extent because this section deals with student bundles and starter packs that will make excellent, extremely useful parting gifts. For example, buying a kitchen starter pack is going to save a huge amount of time as well as money, and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that they’ll have all kitchen bases covered. Using our Argos discount codes you can pick up a basic 20-piece Kitchen Starter Kit for just £22 and this includes items such as frying pans, spatulas and the all-important tin opener. As you would expect, they’ve also got great value mugs, plates, bowls and glasses for the store cupboard too.

But student starter gifts don’t always have to be kitchen-related. Literally any student essential is going to be welcomed, and you can find more gift ideas in this Female First article including food coupons and streaming service vouchers.





Student Tech and Desk Essentials

The perfect opportunity to invest in a new laptop. But at the same time, you want to get one that comes in under budget and does everything you need it to. And that includes streaming your favourites shows too, of course. It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to find out that Argos has a nice line in good value laptops too, as well as cheap, reliable printers – current highlights include the HP 15.6 inch i3 4GB + 16GB Optane 1TB FHD Silver Laptop (now £379.99) and the Epson Expression Home XP-255 Wireless Inkjet Printer for just £39.99.

But what about those extra tech essentials? Our Ryman promo codes get you some great deals on things like memory sticks, calculators and cables, plus you can access a 10% student discount with them once you’re register with UniDays - if you haven’t done this already, get on it because it could save you heaps of money with all sorts of online retailers. Of course, Ryman is a great source of essential student stationary too. Many don’t go overboard buying reems of printer paper to pack in your bags before you go, but a decent notepads and pen won’t go amiss.



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Little Extras For Your Home Away From Home

When talking about student and university essentials, an area that is often neglected is those little extras that can make all the difference. It’s all very well talking about the absolute bare essentials you will need to survive, but what about those things that can help your room feel a bit more like home? Moving away for the first time can be very tough indeed, so don’t forget to surround yourself with some personal items, or even just things that can help make life a little easier.

Our Matalan discount codes offer something a little different, with their Back to Uni selection featuring lots of little trinkets and extras that fall into this category. We particularly like the Metal Wire Photo Memo Board and Smiling Face Potted Plant (both £8 each). They also have a great range of laundry bags, towels and stylish bedding to help you create your term time hidey hole. And of course, it goes without saying that many of these items will make excellent going-away gifts too.

One thing to remember when packing for university – don’t go overboard. There’s nothing to stop you buying things once you get there too (although you may be a bit pre-occupied for the first week or so!). But the savings on Discount Promo Codes will always be here, ready and waiting to help you settle into your new student life.

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