How to Avoid Higher Rail Fares

Posted on 19 Aug 2016 by Anna Scott
It’s never good news when it comes to trains is it? So along with the recent strike, delays and cancellation dramas, we’re now treated to reports that regulated rail fares in England, Scotland and Wales are to rise by a further 1.9% next year. Not altogether surprising considering fares have risen by approximately 25% over the last 6 years, but annoying for many who rely on them to get to work every day. Unfortunately, it will be commuters and season ticket holders who will continue to feel the pinch, but whether you’re a regular train user or only buy tickets for the occasional day out, there are ways you can try and cut down on the costs as well as avoid future train-related drama…


Be Smart with Your Season Ticket

Train StationYou might think that season tickets holders are the one group who really CAN’T avoid price hikes, and to be honest, you’d be mostly right. But there are a couple of ways they can make small savings on their annual payment. For example, if you know when your longest holiday break is going to be, then base your annual purchase around that if possible – so if you’re taking 2 weeks off in July, then try and organise it so your current ticket expires just before that time, then purchase another one post-holiday and save on 2 weeks’ worth of train fares.

Depending on your working hours, you might be able to cut down on costs by buying sets of single tickets in advance – potentially better value for money of you don’t go into the office every day. And even though it’s not possible for many, you could make a case for more flexible working hours and conditions with your employer such as working from home for part of the week or using off peak trains instead of peak time ones. Although if you do manage to successfully negotiate this, make sure you do it when your current season ticket is about to expire so you don’t end up paying for fares you’re not going to use.


By Direct from the Train Company

There are many sites advertising cheap fares and prices, but the fact of the matter is that in most cases, you can get the best prices when you book direct with the relevant rail company by avoiding additional booking fees. For example, Virgin Trains promo codes give you access to all their available offers and discounts at any one time, or you can sign up for alerts so you can buy as soon as flash sales start.


Split Your Ticket

Railway tracksFor long, one-off journeys, it’s know common knowledge that splitting your ticket could save you quite a bit of cash. But what does this actually involve? If you think hopping on and off a train doesn’t sound like it’s worth the bother, then you’ll pleased to know that you don’t have to leave your seat at all - instead of booking a return ticket, you can book 4 singles and save. As long as the train passes through the destination on the first ticket then you’ll be fine. Thanks to the many intricacies of the British rail network, finding the cheapest way to travel might take a bit of research, but thankfully some helpful soul set up the Split Your Ticket site to show you the best ways to save on your particular journey.


Travelling by train can be a bit of a headache and for much of the time, there’s no avoiding this. But if you have the time and inclination to research your fares in advance, there ARE ways to save money without lengthening your journey. And if all else fails and you’ve had enough of those unreliable trains, then you can always use Avis discount codes or National Car Rental promotional codes in a transport emergency!




























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