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Posted on 01 Aug 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton


Who Are the Bath Preservation Trust? 

The Bath Preservation Trust is a Bath-based charity which strives to conserve the beauty of Bath’s landscape through ensuring high standards of architecture, protecting local heritage sites and supporting local museums. They are passionate about ensuring that Bath keeps its iconic architectural beauty and that visitors, and locals, can continue to learn about the rich history of Bath for many years to come. 

Beginning in 1934, the Bath Preservation Trust was started to protect the Bath architectural heritage and to combat plans to demolish parts of this unique Georgian city to make way for a new road. This was their first success, as that road was never built, and since then they have been ensuring the preservation of historic sites, protecting listed buildings and protesting on behalf of the picturesque city of Bath in South West England. They also support local museums, castles and galleries that bring the history of the city to life for visitors of all ages, encouraging local tourism as well as helping residents by preserving the buildings that are at the heart of the city. 

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What Museums Do The Bath Preservation Trust Own? 

The Bath Preservation Trust currently owns four museums around Bath; No. 1 Royal Crescent, the Museum of Bath Architecture, Beckford's Tower and the Herschel Museum of Astronomy. 

No.1 Royal Crescent is a peek into the life of the fashionable 18th century. Explore Georgian Bath in this restored town-house museum, and be transported back in time by learning about the lives of the wealthy men and women, the children and the servants of Georgian England. 

The Museum of Bath Architecture (currently closed for refurbishments), follows the story of Bath from a small medieval town to a grand Georgian city. From original pieces of historic buildings to a 1:500 scale model of the city of Bath, discover the past of Bath you never knew and find out how it became such a beautiful city. 

The Herschel Museum of Astronomy is the very place where Uranus was discovered in 1781 by William Hershel. Learn all about the life and discoveries of William Herschel and the Herschel family, and how their breakthroughs helped our modern understanding of the solar system today. 

Beckford’s Tower and Museum is a beautiful piece of architecture built between 1826 and 1827 by William Beckford. It once held an array of Georgian books, art and furnishings, but now stands as a reminder of the architecture of the time as well as a story of the man himself whose ability to create this tower depended upon funds from the slave trade. 


What Historic Sites does Bath Have?

If you are not familiar with Bath, you might be wondering what is so special about this elegant city. Even if you have lived here for years, the chances are that there are some hidden gems whose rich history you are quite unaware of. Here are just a few of the incredible buildings, sites, green spaces and locations around Bath that makes it a city that needs preserving: 

  • Thermae Bath Spa: You might have heard of Bath Spa Train Station and Bath Spa University, but did you know that Bath is home to Britain’s only natural thermal spa? In fact, UNESCO gave Bath World Heritage Status as one of 11 Great Spa Towns of Europe.

  • Roman Baths: Close to the Thermal Bath Spa is the Roman Baths. Home to a museum full of interesting and educational facts about the Roman history of Bath, this iconic historic site sits right in the centre of this picturesque city. 

  • Sydney Gardens: Sydney Gardens is more of a hidden gem of Bath, with many people being unaware that these gardens are the only remaining eighteenth century pleasure gardens in England. The Bath Preservation Trust has been a supporter of rejuvenating these gardens for many years, advocating for restoration of Edwardian toilets and other historic structures within the gardens. 

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Do The Bath Preservation Trust Do Events? 

Yes! With your membership you can enjoy free entry to their events, but if you are not a member you can still buy tickets for these events. This includes museum events, social meetups, talks and more around Bath, such as an immersive tour around No.1 Royal Crescent and the Jane Austen In Bath experience which brings the life of this incredible author to life.

They also have plenty of learning and community events going on at their museums for the whole family. Explore their Learning and Community  page which is full of resources, exhibitions and activities for families, schools and individuals looking for engaging and educational museum visits. 


How Can I Stay Up to Date with the Latest Campaigns?

You can stay up to date with the current work of the Bath Preservation Trust by checking out the latest issue of their newsletter. Their biannual newsletter will keep you updated on their campaigns to save historic sites around Bath, their latest work with local museums and what their plans are for the future. 


How Can I Support the Bath Preservation Trust?

They are a charity and rely on the help of their volunteers as well as memberships, donations and funds from their museums and events. 

The best way to support them is by becoming a Member. When you become a member, you support them with their dedication to preserving Baths architecture as well as the running of their museums around Bath. Membership will also get you free entry to all of their museums throughout the year, invitations to events and talks, Christmas drinks, the ability to have your say in their Annual General Meetings and monthly news. They offer several memberships including family, student and individual

You can also donate to them to support their work and/or explore their volunteering and job opportunities to help the running of their museums and campaigns. Last, but certainly not least, this August you can of course vote for the Bath Preservation Trust in our charity poll, helping them to win 20% of our profits this month. 


How Can I Contact the Bath Preservation Trust?

You can contact the Bath Preservation Trust via email at [email protected] or give them a call on 01225 338727 if you would like any more information about this fantastic charity.

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