Father’s Day Gifts with a Difference

Posted on 17 May 2017 by Anna Scott
That special Dad day is coming around again next month, but –  no offence to any Dads reading – they can tend to be a little bit difficult to buy for, right? So we see it as our duty to bring to your attention to the Father’s Day gift ideas that offer up something a little bit different to the usual socks, shirts and M&S gift vouchers. There’s plenty here for a variety of different budgets and tastes, so even if your Dad has the quirkiest of quirks, the chances are you’ll find something that might suit his interests…


Father and son pose

A Father's Day Subscription Box

There are many benefits to this approach, the main one being that you get the kudos of giving an original gift without having complete responsibility for what turns up on the doorstep. These days gift subscriptions aren’t just about magazines – pretty much every online retailer worth their salt now offers some form of subscription box from gourmet cheese specialists to pop culture and sci-fi shops, with different surprises and treats with every delivery. Flavourly discount codes offer savings on nice craft beer subscription boxes that might suit a number of Dads this Father’s Day, and if you want more info on the thinking behind them and other plans that are available, here’s a subscription box blog post for extra reading.



Record Player and Vinyl Voucher

Vinyl is back and it is back in a big way. With music lovers now looking for something more tangible to compliment their digitals downloads, lots of high street music retailers now sell a fine selection of record players as well as an ever-increasing choice of vinyl. With some of the record players coming in at around the £60-70 mark, they can make a fine present for a Dad who abandoned the format but now wants to revisit, or one that wants to build a collection from scratch. So don’t forget to give him a helpful music gift voucher too while you’re at it.



Cookery Class

Not that we’re saying men can’t cook because that would be a ridiculous over-generalisation, but just that this isn’t an obvious present for a Dad, and there are plenty of options available rather than just beginner’s courses. Think outside the box with a Sushi making class, artisan baking, Mexican street food cookery class or one that helps him create classic French desserts. Of course, the added benefit of giving a cookery class to your Dad for Father’s Day is that there’s a chance he could end up cooking one of these meals for you once he’s honed his skills.



Mastering the Homemade Gift

There’s a reason we’ve put together a Father’s Day blog a few weeks before the big day itself – to give you a chance to plan your homemade Father’s Day gift, of course! Now, you don’t have to necessarily be artistic or creative to go down this avenue. A homemade gift can be a lovingly put together picnic basket containing all his favourite snacks and treats, partnered with a day out in his favourite spot (because a picnic basket wouldn’t be much good without the actual picnic to go with it). For younger kids, you could help them put together Dad’s Voucher Box, with lots of ‘gift vouchers’ for Dad treats such as getting to pick the family film, breakfast in bed, someone else taking the bins out, or the greatest treat of all – an afternoon nap.


Lots of food for thought there, and plenty of time to decide on the perfect Father’s Day present. But if he’s in dire need of some new socks, then by all means get him some new socks too.


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