Go Green This Valentine’s Day with Sustainable Gift Ideas

Posted on 23 Jan 2020 by Anna Scott
These days we are reminded of the importance of ethical thinking, whatever it is we are buying. Whether it’s Veganuary, cutting down on needless waste or making an effort to find out where our products and food actually come from, green consumerism is now second nature for many of us. These sorts of considerations become even more pertinent at certain times of the year, when we tend to spend more money on celebrating. Christmas is probably the main culprit, but the next one is now on the horizon – Valentine’s Day. Traditionally a time when we go all out on food, drink, chocolates and flowers, but what if we apply sustainable thinking to these purchases too? Going green for Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to mean making sacrifices or skimping on your pressies. There are lots of fantastic gifts ideas out there that are just as thoughtful and romantic as more traditional Valentine’s fare…


Alternatives to Valentine’s Cards

There’s no getting around the fact that a lot of paper is passed around on Valentine’s Day. And if you don’t want to ditch the tradition of giving a card, that’s absolutely fine – it is very romantic, after all. But if you are making the effort to cut back on the paper waste, there are lots of other things you can give instead. The obvious solution is an eCard, but if you want something you can actually hand over, why not ice your Valentine’s message on a cake or cookie? Because let’s face it, given the choice between a card you can’t eat and a cake that you can, we know which one we’d choose.

Living Plants Instead of Bouquets

Yes, bouquets are beautiful, romantic and can say so much. But there is a bit question mark surrounding the ethics of giving cut flowers as a present. However, there are a few things you can do if you are concerned whether your flowers are coming from a sustainable source or not. Firstly, when using an online florist, do your research. If a company has ethical credentials, then they are usually more than happy to tell everyone about them on their website. Secondly, you can leave behind the idea of a bouquet altogether and gift a living plant instead. Not only are they just as beautiful, but it’s a present that will last much longer (if it’s looked after properly, of course). Our Bloom and Wild discount codes cover both of these options, providing extensive information on their responsibly sourced flowers as well as a fine selection of living plants including olive trees, living roses and ferns. Oh, and you can currently get 18% off and free next day delivery if you place your order before the end of January!


living roses gift

Look for Local Suppliers

This can be applied to so many things to do with Valentine’s Day. Or even well beyond Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re going out to dinner, gifting some fine foodie treats or cooking up a storm in your own kitchen, start by looking at the ingredients. If they’re coming from far away, is there a local alternative that has clocked up fewer or no air miles? It can be time consuming to apply this thinking for every single trip to the supermarket, but for a special occasion, there’s not reason not to make the effort. For those of you planning to cook a romantic meal at home, may we point you in the direction of our Abel & Cole promo codes. This company’s whole ethos is about delivering organic food from responsible producers direct to your door. And as an organisation, they aim to reduce carbon emissions and use recyclable packaging. So what better place to order a green Valentine’s Day recipe box from? Perfect for those need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to the actual cooking.


organic cod recipe box

Organic and Fairtrade Products

Following on from local produce, it’s also a good idea to look for organic or Fairtrade products when gifting luxurious food or drink on Valentine’s Day. This is especially true when it comes to chocolate, but thankfully this is no longer a difficult task, with a large choice of responsible suppliers now available. Another area to look at is wine. Of course, Champagne is the classic Valentine’s Day gift, so see which producers use organic grapes. And if you can’t find one, perhaps widen your search in include sparkling wines from other regions or countries. But the organic angle doesn’t end there. We’re talking about that other classic Valentine’s Day gift – lingerie. A lot of sexy underwear is made from synthetic fabrics and this isn’t exactly great for the environment. So this year, instead of opting for the usual stores or labels, look for a brand that uses organic cotton instead.

Gift an Experience

Life can often feel like a never-ending stream of ‘things’ – food, clothes, toys, plastic, and so on and so forth. And obviously, the more ‘things’ we buy, the more waste we create, whether it’s chucking away the old stuff that it’s replacing or chucking away so much needless packaging that comes with it. If all of this sound very familiar after Christmas, perhaps it’s time to use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to think differently. Instead of gifting ‘things’, why not gift experiences? Although not all of these sorts of presents can be classed as environmentally friendly (driving a powerful car around a racing track, for example), there are many that will fit the bill. Our Activity Superstore discount codes have lots of great deals on experiences that would be perfect as a green Valentine’s Day gift, including a Rural Escape Short Break for Two or a Hands-On Cookery Lesson for Two (and this one currently has 55% off the standard price).


country weekend for two

A Work of Art

There’s one more gift idea that is the very opposite of wasteful and mass-produced – a truly unique piece of original art. And really, what could make a better present? But if you’re worried this sort of thing is way out of your price range, buying original art online doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can use our ArtGallery.co.uk promo codes to browse independent artists and their work, and then order a piece directly from the artist if you see something ideal. They also have lots of listings that have been reduced in price as well as the chance to save even more when you register on their site.

So you see, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about rabid consumerism that does the environment no favours. It’s actually quite easy to find gift ideas that come from an ethical or sustainable source as well as research companies and retailers to check on their green credentials. Here on Discount Promo Codes we’ve got plenty more green Valentine’s gift ideas, so take some time to have a browse and start saving the planet as well as your pounds.

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