Vote for Solving Kids’ Cancer in This April’s Charity Poll and Help Children Affected by Neuroblastoma

Posted on 24 Mar 2020 by Amy Jackson

Solving Kids’ Cancer is a charity that aims to be there for children affected by neuroblastoma and their families. They do this through funding research into better treatments and providing support for children and their families throughout their cancer journey. Ultimately, their goal is a future where no child dies from neuroblastoma, or has to suffer while enduring difficult and unpleasant treatments.

Solving Kids' Cancer LogoNeuroblastoma is a rare and aggressive form of childhood cancer, affecting around 100 children in the UK every year, most of which are under the age of five. Half of all cases are classified as ‘high risk,’ meaning that the cancer has spread and requires immediate treatment. The chances of long term survival in these cases is around 40-50%, which is one of the lower survival rates of any childhood cancer. 40% of children diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma will not respond to treatment, or will relapse afterwards. In the cases of relapse, the chances of long-term survival are less than 10%.


What Does Solving Kids’ Cancer Do? 

Solving Kids’ Cancer is there to improve the lives of children and their families affected by neuroblastoma, through providing essential information and support, and funding research into better treatments.

Support for Families

The charity has a support team that have personal experience of neuroblastoma treatment and over 12 years of experience in providing family support. The team is there to provide this support in a number of ways, including providing families with information on neuroblastoma and its treatments, emotional and practical support, and helping them prepare for access to treatments that are unavailable through the NHS.

Accessing Treatment

High-risk neuroblastoma is particularly difficult to treat, given that patients respond differently to different treatments, and no diagnosis is the same. The charity’s Family Support Team are able to provide information so that families can better understand their child’s treatment options, and families also get the chance to learn about innovative research and treatments from experts in the field through the annual Neuroblastoma Parent Education Conference. The charity is also able to provide support to parents who choose to access treatment outside of the UK, assisting with everything from fundraising to arranging flights and accommodation.


Solving Kids’ Cancer actively initiates and funds clinical research, so that more children have access to less toxic and more effective treatments. Even with intensive therapies for neuroblastoma, few children are cured and many of them will suffer lifelong health problems as a result. The charity focuses on clinical trials, which aim to discover whether new experimental treatments are a better option than the current therapies. If they are, these treatments can become standard care, allowing them to help more children facing neuroblastoma.


The charity campaigns actively with the neuroblastoma community, so that more children in the UK are able to get the best treatment and care. In recent years, Solving Kids’ Cancer became the first charity to successfully appeal a NICE decision. This meant they were able to lead a coalition of 13 other charities campaigning for immunotherapy treatment for children who are affected by neuroblastoma in the UK.


How Can You Support Solving Kids’ Cancer? 

Every penny raised for Solving Kids’ Cancer goes towards making a difference to children affected by neuroblastoma and their families. This month we are delighted to feature this incredible charity in our poll for April 2020, and you can show your support by casting your vote for them!

To find out more about Solving Kids’ Cancer and the work they do, visit their website.

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