Show Your Support For People Living with Multiple Sclerosis & Vote for the MS Trust This April

Posted on 24 Mar 2020 by Amy Jackson
The MS Trust exists to help the 130,000 people in the UK who have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is a currently incurable neurological condition that affects the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms vary from person to person but include fatigue, pain, loss of mobility, cognitive issues and higher risk of depression.

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The MS Trust was set up in a living room, with humble beginnings. The charity’s founders were themselves affected by MS, and were tired of the lack of communication and conflicting information available from the health service after an MS diagnosis. So they decided to make a difference themselves, and began providing trustworthy, evidence-based support to people with MS.

Today the MS Trust is improving the lives of thousands of people with MS across the UK, and assisting the family members and health care professionals who help support them.



How Does the MS Trust Provide Support to People with Multiple Sclerosis?

The MS Trust is focused on establishing new nurses in areas with insufficient care. MS Nurses are the front-line in care for people with MS – helping them manage their symptoms, advising them on their medication, and helping them make lifestyle changes that will improve their condition. But access to an MS nurse is vastly unequal depending on where you live in the UK, and many people do not have help from an MS Nurse. Some MS nurses are tasked with caring for up over 1,000 patients with MS – an impossible task.

As a result, thousands of people with MS go without sufficient care, and are slipping into a downwards spiral of ill health. Many are admitted to hospital with conditions that could have been avoided with the right advice and care.

Funding MS Nurses

The MS Trust trains and funds new nurses for a 15 month period, and secure a contract for their local NHS trust to provide funds for their post for the future. This new initiative is already showing a big impact on people’s lives, and equally impressive savings for the health services, with each nurse saving an average of £72,000 in costs like GP’s time and hospital admissions. The specialist MS nurses the charity has established are now caring for over 3,600 people.

Support for Those Living with Advanced MS

Elsewhere the charity is working to improve care for people whose MS has reached an advanced stage. All too often these people have been ‘left behind’ by their local health provider, because there are no treatments for them. So far they have established six Advanced MS Champions - experienced health professionals who will coordinate excellent care for people with advanced MS, and ensure they are able to live as high a quality of life as possible.

Information & Support

The everyday heroes of the charity’s office team are the enquiry and information support team, who provide a phone, email, and social media personal enquiry service for people affected by MS. Every month they answer over 300 enquiries to people with MS, their family members, and even health professionals who need advice on a difficult case. In addition, the physical and digital resources that the MS Trust produces have won patient health awards for their quality.

This April, you can show your support for the MS Trust by voting for them in our charity poll. Help this charity continue their vital work for those affected by Multiple Sclerosis and cast your vote now! Find out more about the charity by visiting their website.

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