Find Out About Autism West Midlands and Vote for Them In the November Charity Poll

Posted on 29 Oct 2021 by Amy Jackson
Since 1965, Autism west midlands have been supporting children, adults and families on the autism spectrum, and as the years passed by, fast forward to 2021, due to the incredible efforts on fundraising and campaigning as well as working with the community, the charity has 6 residential homes as well as 2 supported living establishments. Autism West Midlands are now the leading charity supporting autistic people in the West Midlands.

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How Are People on the Autistic Spectrum Supported? 

The charity encourages autistic people to become as independent as possible, from living arrangements, to completing everyday tasks and developing daily routines and skills.

Free autism information is also provided in case a person on the spectrum is in crisis, or if their families need assistance or guidance.

Regular Support Sessions are also provided to ensure that confidence, skills and resilience is gained to aid their everyday interactions within society.

Training is also offered to professionals, parents and other people too to ensure that autistic people can be understood and feel accepted within society.

The impact of Covid-19 on the Charity:

Autism West Midlands have been raising awareness as well as educating for decades, and they actively take part in events such as the Autism Conference, and during the Covid-19 pandemic, they have faced challenges like never before, and had to make dramatic changes to be able to continue supporting those in need. The charity has set up Facebook groups so parents, individuals and carers could connect and stay in touch and take part in fun online events to keep the spirits high in such an uncertain time. As the complexity of the cases have increased, the charity also provided an increased number of one to one advice on an appointment basis which they have decided to continue as the restrictions eased. The charity managed to make the most of the pandemic and have put in an incredible effort to deliver training such as the Rising to the Challenge programme, the return to School programme and talking with your child about their Diagnosis programme.

The charity relies on the generosity of their supporters, volunteers and carers, and without the community, they wouldn’t have achieved so much so far! They appreciate every vote and help they can get, and to find out more or to donate, just visit their website.

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