How to Get the Most from Your Supermarket Discount Codes

Posted on 18 Apr 2017 by Anna Scott
In these modern times, shopping with your local supermarket has taken on an entirely different meaning. Although certain occasions still call for us to get in the car and load it up with a big shop, online purchasing in no longer a novelty - for many of us, a big shop is now associated with sitting down in front of the laptop, shopping list in hand, selecting your week’s groceries from the comfort of your own sofa, and possibly whilst still in your pyjamas. In the early rudimentary days of online grocery shopping the whole process could be more of a hindrance but now, with 1 hour delivery slots, easy to navigate pages and online deals, it can actually be quite enjoyable. But are we getting the most from our online supermarket shopping experience, and more specifically, from available supermarket discount codes?


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Finding More Food Discounts

Let’s start with the most obvious reason people would be shopping online with their favourite supermarket – to get their groceries. Yes, you can get other things from supermarkets these days (more on that in a bit), but we primarily still use them to fill up our food cupboards. Shopping online rather than visiting your local store does come with a few drawbacks – not as much choice, a slight increase in price for certain products – but there are a few steps you can take to circumvent these to a certain extent.

Let’s take Sainsburys as an example. If you’re yet to use their online service then they’re eager to get you on board, so much so that if you use the latest Sainsburys discount codes to place your order then it’s possible to save up to £18 on that initial purchase straight off the bat. Ongoing Sainsburys customers don’t miss out either, with easy access to the latest offers. To shave a few quid off your final total, just visit this section and select the savings you would usually buy, and once all the essentials are taken care of, then go back and see if there are any extras and treats that are particularly good value.


How to Save on Home and Garden Items

Supermarkets are now extremely competitive when it comes to good value homewares and but promo codes often provide specific savings that are updated on a regular basis. For example, on any given day it’s possible to find codes that get you a large discount on dining furniture for a limited time only, half price bikes and significant savings on kitchenware, all without spending time searching the internet for low prices. The added advantages you get from ordering these items through your favourite online supermarket are a reliable delivery service, bonus points for any of their loyalty card schemes and the option to use their Click & Collect service if you need to get your items ASAP.


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Once upon a time, organising different aspects of our lives meant having to deal with different institutions, but not anymore. Yes, doing your banking with your supermarket can provide fuel to the naysayers who hark about them trying to take over every part of our lives, but you can’t argue with the convenience of it all. Or the favourable rates. Yes, hidden within the latest lists for supermarket voucher codes, there’s a good chance you’ll find great deals on insurance and loans along with money off your dairy products and veg, so why not take advantage of them while you can?


It’s long been known that supermarket promo codes aren’t just for food, but we can underestimate how much time and stress these additional discounts can save as well as those extra pounds. Making the most of your Sainsburys discount codes and the like need only mean taking a few more minutes to browse their pages so if you’ve got an item to upgrade or a boring task on your to-do list, why not see if they can help?


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