Organising Your 2017 in 5 Steps

Posted on 03 Jan 2017 by Julian House
Organisation is the kind of skill that can affect a person’s overall lifestyle, once you start getting organised, it will improve all aspects of your life. It can be frustrating seeing how some people plan way in advance, and you struggle to even plan ahead of the day, but the great thing is, it’s easily taught and in-fact it really isn’t a skill.

There are a number of problems with lack of organisation:




It can leave your running late for events meaning you are late for work, meetings and friendly affairs. It can affect all relationships, and if you are like most, and are one of these people, then you have probably only just joined us in 2017.


Losing Things


The feeling of ‘misplacing’ items or files can really transmute into our every day routines and can be detrimental to work, education and your home life.





Those with lack of organisation sometimes make some things seem worse at first appearance, with a little bit of managing you will be able to put upcoming events, issues, obstacles and everything else into perspective.


If you are looking to strive for achievements and personal goals this year, then it is key to get organised as soon as possible. Follow these nice and easy tips to help you become organised for 2017.


Write it Down

Writing things down as you go is one of the most simple yet effective tactics when it comes to getting organised, use your phone, tablet or an old-fashioned pen and paper. Why store deadlines, birthday dates and other information in our head when we have tools that can do this for us, simply write them down on a calendar, into a notebook or onto your smart phone’s memo. There’s a number of ways to make the most of writing things down:

  1. Use a calendar to note down all birthdays and other important dates or schedules.

  2. Use a diary to write down integral events that have occurred, meaning if needed you can track old work or important dates.

  3. Write down your aims and goals, it makes them more achievable and keeps you motivated. You are more likely to tackle everything that you need to do this way.


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Declutter Regularly

There are a number of connotations when it comes to messy rooms, but is it just an excuse? Clutter is sometimes associated with creative minds, but it’s far easier to get creative and start becoming organised when everything is in place. It’s not always easy, but decluttering your workspace, desk or room can prevent you from getting distracted. Find time in your schedule to start clearing away after yourself, either once a day or once a week. Highly organised people always find time to do this and it often helps them become more productive in the long run.


Task Management

There’s a number of ways to keep on top of your tasks nowadays, on top of writing down your plans and aims, you can also use daily task management techniques or even apps. The latest technology offers an easy solution for many to take a look at their day-to-day goals, tasks and all-round schedule. Use Wunderlist or Trello to start planning out your tasks for the day or on a project. Not only will it inform you on your phone, laptop and tablet, but you can tick off your to-do list as you go. What’s more, you can also share files or projects with others, so if you have joint goals or need to use this app with colleagues, invite them in and work together.


Make a Routine

If your trying to become successful in any field or part of your life, then you will need a routine. Most people who are organised or have become successful in their industry, usually have some kind of routine. Wake up and attack the day, have an hour for specific tasks and go the extra mile. It’s important to make the most of your time in the day, so have an idea of how long you will take on your tasks each day but ensure you’re realistic.


Eliminate Unnecessary Jobs

Believe it or not, organised people say no to things they don’t want to do and also eliminate any unneeded jobs or tasks. We all have the same 24 hours a day, so it is down to each of us to make the most of it. Doing little tasks and jobs that contribute little to our day will only make it harder to get organised. Either delegate jobs or start cutting out duties that don’t serve you.


There you have it, we told you it is easy! So what are you waiting for, make this year one to remember and start getting your plans together with ultimate organisation.

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