This Year’s Essential Festival Fashion

Posted on 19 Apr 2018 by Anna Scott
There are two types of festival fashion: the one you see in the magazines and the classic shorts and T-shirt combo. Today we’ll be looking at the former, because there’s only so much you can say about band T-shirts and denim, as practical and comfortable as they may be. Festival fashion is now most definitely a ‘thing’, taking inspiration from the late 60s/early 70s boho looks and adding a modern twist. So, as we head on into this year’s festival season, here are a few new trends to look out for…


Matching Two Pieces

Whereas dressing for a festival used to be about dressing for comfort, these days it’s more about standing out from the crowd. This year, the very best way to do this is in a matching two-piece. We’re talking combining two trends in one and then adding a splash of colour – think matching cropped top with flared trousers in a bright print.


festival two piece


Small Sunglasses

Massive sunnies are out and teeny-tiny ones are in. It’s like the early 90s all over again. When it comes to this particular trend, you can double up by wearing small pink sunglasses. Because with this year’s festival accessories, pink is by far the most important colour.


festival sunglasses



There’s going to come a point during the weekend when you have to keep your hair up thanks to it’s inability to stay clean, and when that times comes, the best thing you can secure your top-knot with is a cute scrunchy. Again, think pink. Or if not pink, then an eye-catching print or fabric.


festival scrunchy


Boho Maxi Dresses

Some festival trends never go out of fashion and that goodness for that, because a nice floaty maxi dress can keep you cool on the off-chance that the sun actually does come out. If you’re brave enough to go full boho and opt for a white maxi dress, you can also mix it up with classic festival looks such as cheesecloth or fringing too.


festival maxi dress



And now for something completely different. One of the modern twists this year is abandoning the boho altogether and going sporty. Think cropped hoodies, cycling shorts, tracksuit bottoms, but all of them accessorized to the max to complete the look.


festival sporty look



Another bit of more up-to-the-minute festival inspiration, everyone will be wearing metallics of some description this summer. Whether it’s a vest, bodysuit or leggings, if it’s shiny, then it won’t look out of place in the backstage VIP area.


festival metallics



Unless you’re a celebrity, one of the things you DON’T want to do is spend too much on your festival fashion. For one thing, it might not last the long weekend, and at the very least will suffer from a few spills and scuff marks. This makes Boohoo one of the best sites to shop on when it comes to festival fashion. Not only do they have a dedicated Festival Shop, but their prices and savings are also legendary. Perfect for summer celebrations! And if all else fails, they can help you out with those vintage-look denim shorts and T-shirts too.

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