It’s Cow Appreciation Day so let’s celebrate all things bovine

Posted on 08 Jul 2016 by Anna Scott
You probably don’t spend too much time appreciating or even thinking about our nation’s cow population. Well, this is where you’ve been going wrong. Bovines are the backbone of the UK and with today being Cow Appreciation Day (yes, this is a definite thing), it’s time to shine some light on all the cow-related things we have to be thankful for.  Vegans, feel free not to read on…



CowsLet’s start with the most obvious thing. Without cows there would be no milk. Ok, this isn’t strictly true. We would still have goats and sheep after all, but we’ll save their mentions for the inevitable Goat and Sheep Appreciation Days. Our whole dairy industry rests on strong bovine shoulders and for that we should be incredibly thankful. With no cows there would be nothing quite so delicious to pour on our cornflakes, in our coffee, and make our milkshakes with. ‘Almond extract shake’ doesn’t have quite the same ring to it I’m afraid. And without cow’s milk there would be a few other things we’d miss out on too…



Manchego DOCNo cheese would be a tragedy. End off. For certain members of the population (including this particular member) a life without cheese would not be a life worth living. Yes, I’m being slightly overdramatic and yes I should probably be keeping an eye on my cholesterol, but just look at the many items of deliciousness available with Pong Cheese promo codes. Look at them! Is a world without Manchego one you’d really want to live in? So thank you cows for being responsible for my cheese addiction.






YArtisan du Chocolat, Milk chocolate salted caramel barou know those people who pretend they love dark chocolate more than milk chocolate? Yeah, well the cows and I don’t like those people. Yes, good quality blah blah blah, but you do know you can get good quality milk chocolate too, right? Shops like Chocolate Trading Company make it their mission in life to source some of the finest milk chocolate known to humankind and I would like to offer them, and the cows, my utmost thanks for all this hard work.




Roast Beef

Scotch Beef Hanger SteakOk, this one I do feel a bit guilty about but the cows can find some comfort in the fact that their lives are being devoted to an excellent cause – a nice Sunday roast. But on a more serious note, it is possible to make sure the cow that contributed to your roast beef or medium rare steak did not suffer. These days we’re much more aware of the provenance of our food and when it comes to meat especially, being an ethical shopper has never been easier. Instead of going for the cheapest option you can choose to buy your meat through quality butchers such as Campbells Meat where you can be safe in the knowledge that their cows were born, raised and ended their days in Scotland, meeting all the Quality Meat Scotland assurance standards in the process.



queen cowsSo you see we have so much to be thankful for when it comes to our bovine neighbours, and Cow Appreciation Day is very much a valuable celebration and NOT just an excuse for people to post pictures of themselves in cow onesies on Twitter. And something that brings a smile to Her Majesty’s face is always something to appreciate…







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