5 Things Parents REALLY Want for Christmas

Posted on 20 Dec 2016 by Anna Scott
It’s perfectly normal to have mixed feelings about Christmas when you’re a parent. On the one hand, you’re excited about your children being excited and you want them to have as brilliant a Christmas as possible. But on the other hand, you’re the one responsible for making said Christmas brilliant and we put ourselves under a huge amount of pressure to achieve this feat. If you are lucky and have kind and thoughtful children and members of your family, then your efforts will hopefully be rewarded by some nice presents under the tree, but there are few things parents REALLY want for Christmas that can’t be covered in wrapping paper. So here’s a guide on what to get the very deserving parent this year…


5 Minutes Peace and Quiet

This could be in the form of a line in on Christmas morning (unlikely we know), a post-Christmas dinner afternoon nap or just letting them go out for a bracing walk once everything is done and dusted. We’re quite sure many parents would happily exchange some or all of their actual presents for the gift of silence, however brief.


Woman napping

A Constantly Refilling Glass

It’s the one day of the year that morning drinking is somewhat acceptable (although this involves mixing it with fruit juice, but let’s not pay too much attention to the details), so seeing as parents have enough on their plates already, can everyone else please offer around the drinks and make sure their glasses are topped up accordingly? Ta. And if you want to go one step further and actually organise the alcohol supplies too, then you can use Marks and Spencer discount codes to save £10 off initial Wine Club orders until the end of December.


Pouring rose wine


It’s a bit of a joke present, but how many parents would actually appreciate a nice pair of warming socks that won’t get holes in them for at least several weeks? Quite a few we suspect. Perhaps a sign that you’ve reached a certain age, but you care not a jot if your feet are warm. House of Fraser promo codes can save you up to 40% off in their Christmas offers section and we’re sure you can find many a nice pair to choose from there.


Comfy socks


Someone Else Cooking

This is linked to the first point about wanting some peace and quiet, but taken to the next level. Whether it’s someone else in the household undertaking the Christmas year or going out for lunch (probably a bit late in the day to organise the latter though), giving your mum or dad the day off and a prime spot in front of the telly is one of the very best Christmas gifts you can bestow.


Couple cooking

A Holiday

The gift of a holiday is perhaps the ultimate of parental treats, but for it to be something that they REALLY want, you need to go the extra mile. We’re talking not just giving them a gift voucher, because the fact of the matter there’s a good chance they might not ever get around to using it. No, what you need to do is organise the holiday form them, sort out all the logistics and book the time off work for them if at all possible. Basically, make sure they don’t have to lift a finger. That’s what they really want (and deserve). Great Little Breaks discount vouchers are perfect for holidays in smaller packages and until the end of the month you can get 10% off when you spend £100 or more on your booking.


Couple on winter break


It doesn’t take much to please a parent (apart from perhaps organising an entire holiday), so there’s really no excuse not to treat them to something that will bring a genuine smile to their faces. So this Christmas, guide them towards the comfiest chair in the room, hand them a glass of bubbly and tell them to put their feet up, for a small amount of time at any rate.

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