5 Bookish Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

Posted on 15 Dec 2016 by Anna Scott
Avid readers will always want books as gifts – never forget this. In fact, they’re probably the easiest group of people in the world to buy for, unless you give them a book they already have, but even in this scenario, they will still be happy and grateful because book lovers are just nice people in general. However, as amazing as books are as presents, on occasions you might want to mix it up a bit in the gift stakes by complimenting said volumes for something equally bookish, just not an actual book. So, here are some suggestions for bookish Christmas presents that will delight any voracious reader…


Harry Potter Cluedo - £29.99

You would have thought that all the attacks by Dark Wizards would have stopped following the demise of He Who Must Not Be Named, but apparently not when it comes to Cluedo. They’ve swapped the classic whodunit set up with a ‘who cast the spell and how?’ mystery featuring all the favourite Harry Potter characters, and you can access an additional 13% discount when you order this with The Works promo codes.


Harry Potter Cluedo


Terry Pratchett’s Discworld Colouring Book: Artist’s Edition – was £19.99, now £14.99

Ok, so technically this is a book. But instead of offering up words, it can offer Terry Pratchett fans some relaxation in the form of intricate colouring tasks – a must-purchase for anyone who’s read all the books, read them again and perhaps a third time, and needs some more Prachett inspiration. And as well as being able to purchase with a saving, you can also secure free delivery on your order when you spend over £10 with The Book People discount codes.


Terry Pratchett Colouring Book


Narnia Retro Travel Poster - £3.95

What do you buy the book lover who has absolutely everything? A mocked-up travel poster depicting, no not the 1950s Riviera like most of them do, but the magical land of Narnia. This item somehow manages to bridge the occasionally rather wide gap between chic and geek and does it with style. You can buy this and many more vintage book-inspired items using AllPosters.co.uk promotional codes as well as accessing a 25% discount on your order.


Narnia Retro Poster


Alice in Wonderland Collapsible Storage Box - £7

A very good storage solution that about a million times nicer looking than a see-through plastic box and does exactly the same job. In fact, it would work as a very nice place to store books that don’t quite fit on the shelf, and avid readers have plenty of them lying about. This also features in a 2 for £10 deal and you can order using The Works promo codes.


Alice in Wonderland Storage Box


Bookmonster Reading Stand – was £19.99, now £14.99

Once for younger readers, but we suppose there’s nothing stopping you buying it for any older readers too. It might be rather good for multitasking if they just can’t bring themselves to put down that gripping book. Available via The Book People discount codes and eligible for their free delivery offer right now.


Bookmonster Reading Stand


We think any avid reader will be more than made up with one of these delightful items. As long as you get them a book too that is...

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