Top 10 Books For Your Summer Reading List

Posted on 08 Aug 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
There’s no better feeling than a lazy summer day on the beach, soaking up the sun and getting gripped by a really great book. For the avid reader out there, you may often find that you have come to the end of your current “must-read” collection and are looking for some brand-new fascinating stories full of plot twists, incredible imagery and characters you fall in love with. But how do you know which books will keep you turning pages and which will have you dozing off under your parasol? Well, with hundreds of online bookshops and entertainment retailers here at Discount Promo Codes, our money saving experts have come across some fantastic ways to get best-selling books for less. The top high street book stores are always offering the current best sellers, and with our online codes you can get savings on these must-have books. For some quirky reads you might not have heard of before, our bargain hunters also gather savings from smaller, lesser known bookshops so you can find some fantastic hidden gems.


For Fans of Fiction, Comedy & Social Commentary

Middle England by Johnathon Coe

This best-selling summer novel by Johnathon Coe, is not only an interesting read as it explores modern political issues in the UK but does so in a comical way with some quirky satirical elements. This is the third instalment following his ‘Rotters Club’ characters, however new readers can enjoy this novel as much as current fans! Highly regarded by readers and on the list of the Guardians Summer Bestsellers list, this book is a must read.

Where to Get Your Copy: If you fancy a fun yet poignant novel addressing current political issues such as Brexit and the effect that it has had on the UK, then grab this bestseller while you can. With our Foyles discount codes, you can find this fab novel for a fraction of the usual price! With the affordable bookshop offering this bestseller for under £9, you can enjoy an even bigger saving with offers such as 10% off all orders.



A Romantic Read With a Twist

The Bride Test by Helen Hoang

This interesting and intricate tale revolves around the lives of an autistic man who doesn’t think he can love and a Vietnamese woman who has never fit in. She jumps at the chance to meet a husband in America, and we enjoy this unique and heartfelt story of two very different people finding their way in the world. This best-selling read explores issues of love, culture, family and psychology; giving a new twist on the classic romance novel. This funny and heartwarming story is definitely one for the summer and is sure to bring a smile to every face.

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Summer Read For Kids & Teens

The 13-Storey Treehouse Collection by Andy Griffiths

This series of exciting adventures centres around a magnificent treehouse full of whacky and creative things from giant catapults to man eating sharks, which then turns into a multi-story magical treehouse as the series goes on. Kids aged 7+ can immerse themselves in this world of fantasy and adventure, with Terry Denton’s illustrations bringing them to life. With 8 books in the collection, your little ones are set for the whole summer!

Where Can I Get It?: with our The Book People promo codes, you can get the entire collection at a great price. Save a whopping £36 on this best-selling book collection, with 8 best sellers for under £12. This is a great summer treat for the kids and will not only keep them entertained over the summer but also help maintain their passion for learning and reading.


Our Favourite Non-Fiction Read

The Uninhabitable Earth by David Wallace-Wells 

This in-depth look at what we are doing to or planet, explores what the future might look like if climate change continues at the rate it currently is. With discussions around politics, food shortages and technology, among a variety of other current environmental issues; this is a book that will no doubt open your eyes to the affect we are having on the earth and what the future may hold. Although not the most uplifting summer read, it is certainly one that will stay with you and help you be more informed about current environmental issues.

Where to Buy: With Free Delivery and a fab 35% discount, Wordery is the perfect place to buy your copy of The Uninhabitable Earth. This Sunday Times and New York Times bestseller can be yours for under £13, and you can be more in the know about what’s happening to the world around us.




The Best Crime Novel This Summer

Rouge Killer by Leigh Russel

This chilling crime novel is part of the DI Geraldine Steel series by Leigh Russel, and whether you have read her collection previously or not; they are definitely a must-read for all crime novel fans. This instalment follows the investigation into murder carried out by an apparently indiscriminate criminal; meaning that anyone could be at risk - including DI Steel herself. Described as “Unmissable” by Lee Child, fellow thriller novelist, and “A Rare Talent” by the Daily Mail, there is a reason that this novel is at the top of many summer 2019 reading lists.

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With a wide variety of books to choose from, you can enjoy your summer even more by relaxing with a bestselling new book. Whether by the pool, on the plane or in your own garden, save on these 2019 bestsellers and become engrossed in other worlds whilst soaking up the sun!

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