Is It Too Early to Start Saving for Christmas?

Posted on 07 Sep 2018 by Anna Scott
Short answer: no. Although you may not appreciate a mention of the dreaded C-word in September, we’re actually doing you a very big favour here. After you’ve been on holiday and bought all the back to school stuff is the perfect time to start saving up for your Christmas shopping spending. The question is how you should go about doing it. There are two schools of thought: you can either start looking for bargains right now, or you can start saving up your Christmas pounds to spend closer to the big day. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from doing both…


Early Christmas Discounts

These aren’t really Christmas discounts so to speak but discounts nevertheless. You probably associate the very best pre-Christmas deals with the Black Friday season, and yes, the discounts available during this brief period can be very substantial. But in the world of online shopping, every day is a sale day if you know where to look. So, what’s stopping you picking up some early Christmas bargains right now?


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Book Bargains

One such example is The Book People, a site that sells discounted books all year round and have an especially good selection of children’s and non-fiction titles at very low prices. Once their clearance lines sell out then that’s your lot, so if you see something good now, it’s best to grab it while you can. It’s a great place to pick up box sets for a fraction of the original cost, and we often have The Book People promo codes that can get you extra money off your total too.

Christmas Beauty Buys

For those in the know, it will come as no surprise to hear that The Body Shop discount codes are some of the best you can find online. Whereas many retailers very generously offer you an extra 5% or 10% off your total spend, it’s not uncommon to find 25%, 30% and sometimes even 40% off codes for The Body Shop online store. And did you know they have early online launches for lots of their Christmas gift sets already? No need to wait for Black Friday at all with this one.

Sale Sites

Online clearance outlets are the gifts that just keeps on giving all year-round. There are two types: those that specialise in sourcing end of season stock from different labels (M and M Direct and TK Maxx for example) and those retailers that have particularly good outlet pages for their own past season stock. So if someone you loved has a favourite label or store, it’s worth searching through their clearance stock now to see if there’s anything they would like.


Saving Up for Christmas

Don’t want to commit to buying anything just yet? Not a problem. You can still start putting away your money for the Black Friday or December discounts. Here are some ways you can increase your pot of Christmas spending money when the time comes…


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Start Selling Your Old Stuff

Now is the perfect time to have a clear out and sell anything you don’t want that’s in reasonable condition. Listing half a dozen items on eBay could make you enough money to buy a handful of Christmas gifts, so dig deep and see what treasures you’ve got sitting at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Save Up Loyalty Points

Make a list of all the loyalty cards and online loyalty schemes you’re signed up for. Identify the ones that you both shop with regularly AND will sell great Christmas presents and start building up your points over the next few months. You will then have more to redeem come December and won’t have to dip into your own pot of money quite so much.

Hidden Savings

Current accounts are very different beasts than they once were, and these days banks are falling over themselves to offer extra incentives. One of those incentives is discounts with selected retailers. So next time to you do your online banking check to see if there are any offers available that will help with your Christmas shopping. Remember, these aren’t usually given automatically, and you will probably have to activate them. And don’t forget to use them before the expiry date!

Even if you put into a practice just a couple of these tips, you could find your Christmas spending becomes a lot more manageable this year. You can pop onto Discount Promo Codes any time to see what deals are currently available in the run up to the big day and we’ll be sure to be shouting about the biggest and the best of them.

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