How to Avoid Burnout Through Work Boredom

Posted on 30 Jul 2016 by Anna Scott
‘Bore out’ – the concept of burning out through work boredom – could soon be a legally recognised condition. This week it was reported that an executive in French perfume business is suing his employer for 360,000 Euros for being ‘killed professionally through boredom’. But is this actually a real condition, what are its consequences, and if you think you might be suffering from it, what steps should you take to try and make a change?


Work BoredomDr Sandi Mann is a boredom expert and says workplace boredom can have severe consequences including a reduced life expectancy as well as being a significant source of stress. A study of 7000 civil servants found that the workers classed as ‘very bored’ were more likely to die during the 24-year research period than those who were not, although this was also linked to the fact that boredom was likely to push these people to seek stimulation from alcohol, drugs and risk-taking behaviour. Another serious consequence of workplace boredom is the onset of stress and depression.

So if you’re finding workplace boredom is starting to affect your productivity and mental health, what can you do to try and change the situation for the better?


Positive Effects

Well, the good news is that workplace boredom can have positive consequences as well as negative ones. Wijnand van Tilburg, an assistant professor in psychology, says that the state of ‘perceived meaningless’ which takes place when someone is bored at work is a ‘normal emotion’, but it can have a positive effect in that it can prompt people to make a change in their life if the situation becomes intolerable or unbearable.


Find Out What Interests You

The problem with deciding to make a change is that you have to decide what direction that change will take you in. Many people aren’t sure what their alternative career change should be and making such an important life choice can be overwhelming. A good starting point is to try different things and see what fits and what sparks your interest. This could take the form of an evening class in a completely new subject or trying out a new artistic or creative pursuit. Give a few different things a go until you find the inspiration and impetus you need.


Career Change

Glasses on open bookPerhaps you’ve already got a new career or job in mind. If so, then you just need to take the plunge, or find the right time to do so. If you find you need more training or want to build up your confidence in a particular area, online learning can provide a flexible environment in which to learn a new skill. Of Course promotional codes provide savings on online courses covering a wide variety of different subjects and skills and are a great tool with which to explore your options. You can also use Stonebridge College discount codes to save up to 25% on a large selection of online courses covering social care, child psychology and management.


Getting job satisfaction rather than a high salary might prove to be the ultimate workplace achievement, and if you find workplace boredom creeping into your everyday routine, there are many different routes available. Online savings with distance learning providers such as UK Open College promo codes can help you begin your path to a career change, so if you want to make that move today, it’s reassuring to know there are plenty of roads you can go down.

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