Bring Comfort & Joy to Your Home with these Must Have Christmas Decorations

Posted on 28 Nov 2018 by Alice Marshall

As November draws to a close, we think it might be just about safe to utter the 'C' word. By which we mean... Christmas. With December just around the corner, many of the outright Scrooges of the world have to bite their tongue and relent that the festive spirit is now allowed to flow. And, with that, let the grotto-fying of our homes commence.

With the first weekend of December likely to be lost in a flurry of tinsel, fairy lights and mulled wine that'll have us sinking into our seats when the hardcore decorating is done... We think it's about time we gave you the low down on the best Christmas decs out there in stores this year.

Christmas Shopping Online

Battling it out, Debenhams, Argos and Made in Design are here to provide you with all the baubles you could ever need. And then some. No need to spend your time endlessly scrolling online to find this year's decorations. We've done all the work for you.

Round 1: Where to Buy the Best Christmas Wreath?

Who doesn't love a Christmas wreath? The first sprinkling of Christmas spirit you'll see upon entering your home, it's important to make the right choice to set up any guests for the rest of your decorating extravaganza. Unfortunately Made in Design had to bow out early on this one due to a startling lack of wreath options, but Debenhams and Argos bring it in the ring. Ding ding!

First up is Debenhams' Heaven Sends Multi-coloured Pom Pom Wreath. A far cry from traditional wreaths, this brings a modern twist to festive fun and will be a vibrant addition to your front door. You can buy now for £30 and get great savings if you add it to Debenhams' 3 for 2 bundle deal across Christmas decorations.

Debenhams Pom Pom Wreath

Want something more classic? In the left corner we have Argos and their Winter's Mist wreath, combining a beautiful arrangement of foliage and frost kissed berries. With 25% off, you can buy now for a bargain price of £15.

Argos Foliage Wreath

Our Winner:

As bargain hunters, it's important we always back the cheapest deal. That said, if you buy a couple more decorations from Debenhams, you could be saving even more than £5! We love the bright pinks, yellows and blues of the pom pom wreath and think it's a unique alternative to more traditional Christmas decorations.

Round 2: Lights, Lights and... Lights!

If there's one thing you need a lot of when it comes to Christmas, before presents and definitely before sprouts, it's lights! If you can't see your home from space, you've failed. But who will bring the most with their selection of lighting options.

For something minimalist and delicate, Made in Design's Circular Candlestick hanging ornament is an elegant addition to the home to hang from your ceiling. Although timely for Christmas, you could afford to have this piece of home decoration all year 'round. Especially when you consider its £65 price tag.

Made in Design Candlestick Holder

Light up the home and even your window with this stunning Star Curtain, now just £12 with a 25% saving from Argos. You can put up this fantastic curtain style arrangement of fairy lights anywhere, but we think they're beautiful illuminating your window.

Snowflake Fairylight Curtain from Argos

Bring the snowstorm indoors with Belleek Living's snowflake luminaire, available at Debenhams, now just £26.25 down from £30. Providing a warm glow, enjoy the festive snowflakes it makes that'll have you getting cosy under your blankets in the winter evenings.

Snowflake Luminaire from Debenhams

Our Winner:

There's nothing quite like the magic of snowflakes and we think Argos has this one in the bag. Cheap and cheerful and a great start to your festive display.

Round 3: Dress Up Your Christmas Tree with Baubles

Now for your tree masterpiece. Every year it's more than likely you'll make a new addition to your ever growing collection of Christmas ornaments and baubles and we want to weigh in on our picks to add some extra festive cheer. So let the fight commence!

Whether or not you're going for a colour scheme with your tree, we think the Parlane Light Brown Paper Star bauble is the perfect addition from Debenhams. Neutral in tone, we love the cute star design. £6 per bauble, this could work as a great stand alone addition, or buy a few as a motif for your tree.

Star Debenhams Bauble

Who doesn't love a bit of Disney? You can count the Discount Promo Codes team in, so it comes as no surprise that we are enamoured with the Disney Traditions range at Argos. Buy Beauty and the Beast and Snow White tree ornaments. Our pick would be the charming Lumiere for £14.99.

Beauty and the Beast Lumiere Ornament

If you go on the Made in Design website and don't come away completely in love with everything they sell, then we're not sure what to say to you. We especially love the simplicity of the brass Leaf Christmas decorations that come in a set of 4. Though £20, we can already picture how pretty they'll look hanging from the Christmas tree.

Brass Leaf Made in Design Tree Decorations

Our Winner:

You've probably guessed it, but we're completely in love with the brass leaf ornaments from Made in Design.

Whatever your style when it comes to decorating your home at Christmas, there's definitely something out there for everyone and right here in our guide. So deck the halls and fill your home with Christmas cheer. It's almost December and we're giving you permission to start feeling festive now!

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