Tattoo & Piercing Aftercare: The Best Creams For New Ink that Don’t Cost a Bomb

Posted on 11 Sep 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
So; your planning your next tat, your new piercing or perhaps your first ever body modification! It’s an exciting time and you will soon have a beautiful piece of art or awesome piercing to show off. But one key thing you need to prepare for before your new body art is how you are going to care for it once you’ve got it. As exciting as getting a tattoo or piercing is, taking care of it is super important to ensure that it stays clean, vibrant and comfortable so you can enjoy it for years to come. With the help of our handy new infographic, you can find out how to care for your new body art below without spending a fortune on creams and lotions which won’t give you the results you want. 


General Do’s and Don’t of Body Modification Aftercare


  1. Take your new piercing out before the recommended time period. This is usually within 3-10 weeks depending on the piercing and aftercare solution you use, so be sure to check with your body art specialist once you get your new piercing. 

  2. Remove the protective clingfilm from your tattoo before the given time period. This varies again between 3 and 5 days, with most tattoo artists recommend that you remove the clingfilm after a few hours to wash it and replace it with a new layer of clingfilm. Some artists will recommend air drying during the day, others will advise leaving the clingfilm on.

  3. Get your new piercing or tattoo wet within the given time period set by your body modification expert. Swimming in chlorine, exposing it to rain and having showers with chemical shower gels is usually not recommended within the first few days, and soaking a new body mod isn’t ideal. However, keeping a tattoo clean with water and dabbing your piercing with salt water and solution is perfect.

  4. Use abrasive or harmful chemicals or scented products to clean your new tattoo or piercing. The tattoo and piercing lotions below all contain ingredients to nurture your body mod and stop it from getting irritated or infected.




  1. Regularly clean your tattoo/piercing with appropriate cleaning solution. It is often recommended to clean your new body mod 2-3 times a day at least to keep it clean. 

  2. Wash your tattoo with water before applying the cleaning lotion and pat dry. Ensure you keep your body modification dry at all other times.

  3. Try to keep your piercing/tattoo away from materials which might catch or rub against them such as clothing with zips, and be wary of your piercing during daily activities.

  4. Wash your hands before touching your new piercing or tattoo.


How to Care for Your New Piercing 

Whether it’s your first time getting your ears pierced, have recently got a cute new nose stud or have ventured into the world of dermal piercings; the general aftercare remains the same. The main thing to remember when caring for a new piercing is that you need to firstly, not take the new piercing out until the recommended time and secondly, keep it as clean as possible. There are a variety of piercing lotions on the market, all of which promise to keep your piercing clean and infection free; but which is the best one? Well, although you might not think of Claire’s Accessories as being the home of body piercing essentials, their piercing experts offer fantastic Rapid After Care Solution for all ear and nose piercings, with a huge bottle on offer for just £15 – but it gets even better. With our Claire’s Accessories discount codes, you can order your bottle of Aftercare Lotion online before you get your piercing and save a fortune as our money saving experts have offers such as 10% off all orders or 3 for 2 on piercing aftercare kits. Not to mention that our offers can save you a bundle on brand new earrings and body jewellery! 




The Best Creams for a New Tattoo

Keeping your tattoo vibrant and looking amazing is something we all want, and its super easy provided you care for it well and use the right products. There are a variety of tattoo creams on the market such as the Lush Elbow Grease and Hustle Butter from Killer Ink, and some tattoo enthusiasts use raw oils such as coconut oil to heal their new tat. However, our personal favourite is the moisturising and soothing Amazonian Saviour balm from The Body Shop.


The All Natural Nourishing Tattoo Balm

Using our The Body Shop promo codes you can order your tub online at a great price, and get this 100% natural all purpose balm which is ideal not only for new tattoos but also for general moisturising and nourishing your skin. It’s ideal for dry skin, which makes it fab for healing new tattoos (as they tend to get dry and itchy a few days in!) plus its cruelty free and 100% vegetarian. 


The Multi-Purpose Men’s Tattoo Oil

Although of you’re the above products are suitable for both men and women, having something which can help heal your new tattoo whilst keeping your beard looking beautiful can’t be a bad thing! One of the most unique and handy multi-purpose products on the market is the Woody’s Beard & Tattoo Oil which is available via our Chemist Direct discount codes. At just £5.99, this is are bargain buy, especially as it functions as two products in one, and offers a nourishing but non-greasy finish on your tats and your beard! 

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