How to Make a Start on Your De-Cluttering and Spring Cleaning

Posted on 27 Mar 2019 by Anna Scott
Believe it or not, cleaning is now very much a trend. Whether it’s de-cluttering gurus with hit TV shows or Instagram accounts devoted to finding the best cleaning products, it turns out we now actually like the idea of giving our home the once over. But many find getting down and completing the task a bit trickier. Even if you’re wondering where to even begin, we can all agree that spring is the very best time to tackle such a task, so here are some top de-cluttering and spring-cleaning tips to point you in the right direction to a tidy home…


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De-Clutter a Small Part of Your Home First

You can’t clean properly unless you de-clutter stuff you don’t need. This often proves to be the first stumbling block on the way to a tidy and comfortable home. When faced with a room full of stuff to sort through (or a whole house even), then you’d be forgiven for just shutting the door and putting trash off yet again. So this is why it’s important to start small. Instead of trying to tackle a whole room at once, pick a small area and devote your attention until it’s clean.

Domestic cleaning professional Dmitri Kara recommends subsequential decluttering of each room before you proceed to the actual cleaning. Perhaps it’s a wardrobe or kitchen cupboard, or a category of clutter like your makeup and toiletries. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s achievable within the time you set yourself. And once you’ve completed the task, you can then pick your next area and schedule a time to complete this.


Simple Storage Solutions

It’s very easy to just say the word ‘storage’ and expect that to solve all your tidying woes, but we all know it’s not that simple. Lots of homes don’t have the capacity to just ‘put everything away’, but storage doesn’t have to mean having loads of loft or cupboard space. It can be as easy as buying a pack of cheap folders to create a simple filing system for your paperwork, and there are lots of spring savings available with Ryman right now if you need to stock up on this sort of thing.

A great tip for freeing up space in your living area is by taking a look at your DVD and CD collection. Yes, we know downloading is the straightforward answer, but not everyone wants to get rid of all their physical copies. So instead, by a disc folder to store the actual discs and covers, then get rid of the plastic cases (Amazon have these types of folders available in a number of different sizes at very reasonable prices). This gives you more shelf or cupboard space for other things.


Letting Go and Clearing Out

One of the most difficult things about tidying is making the decision to give something away, and perhaps this is the very reason you’ve been putting it off. But don’t be too hard on yourself. Of course there are going to be items that you can’t decide whether to let go of or not, but instead of leaving them where they are, put aside a dedicated bag or box. There’s nothing wrong with storing this away for another time, and you’ve still managed to sort and tidy in the process.

But ideally you will have something to donate to your local charity shop or take to the dump. However, don’t leave these bags lying around the house – put aside some time in the day to take them away in the car straightaway or arrange collection.


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The Right Tools for the Job

We’re not going to go into every different cleaning technique, but one thing you do need to have are tools and materials that actually work. It’s worth taking a look at your vacuum cleaner to see if it’s up to the job, for example. Many older models aren’t that great at picking up pet hair, so now might be the time to invest in a more efficient product.

Another aspect of this is to consider how your cleaning products impact the environment. As well as looking into ‘greener’ brands, you could also cut down on waste by reusing microfibre cloths instead of paper towels or looking into traditional (and cheaper) cleaning solutions such as vinegar and lemon. Ethical Superstore is a great place to start as they have a much wider choice of environmentally friendly cleaning products than most online retailers.

So throw open the windows, roll up your sleeves and pick at part of your home to get started on. Here at Discount Promo Codes we’ve got lots of savings that can help you in your quest, so why not take a look, and maybe reward yourself with some more once household purchases you’ve made some inroads in your de-cluttering.

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