How to Find Great Value Body Positive Fashion

Posted on 01 May 2019 by Anna Scott
In recent years we’ve come a long way with body positive fashion. Thanks to awareness and social media campaigns, brands are now making much more effort to be inclusive when it comes to all body shapes, sizes and diversity in general. And we’re not talking just better plus size clothing. We mean labels and retailers appreciating the fact that ALL styles should be available to EVERYONE - instead of just having one type of dress available up to a size 14 and then anyone bigger has to make do with something else, they’ve realised that everyone wants and deserves great fashion. So what brands are making waves in this area? Not just in terms of inclusivity when it comes to fashion, but also when it comes to price. We’ve picked out three names and focused on three different areas they excel at…


Body Positive Bodycon Dresses

There’s plenty in the news at the moment about our favourite retailers not doing so well when it comes to bringing in the customers. But there’s one notable name bucking this trend – Boohoo. In this recent article, it attributes their current success to a stance on body positivity – releasing clothing and swimsuits in a huge range of sizes up to 26.

One of its most popular items is the bodycon dress, a garment that’s usually the preserve of smaller figures, but they now have a huge choice of sizes for absolutely everyone. Of course, this company is also well-known for being particularly affordable too, and with our Boohoo discount codes we can find you even lower prices. A great example of one of their body positive bodycon dresses is the Animal Print One Shoulder Dress that available in sizes up 24 and is currently only £10 in their sale.


boohoo plus size dress

Body Positive Fitness Wear

We’ve traditionally been conditioned to think gym and fitness wear isn’t for larger women, but thankfully those days seem to be coming to an end. With many people now focusing on being the healthiest version of themselves rather than the skinniest, it’s common to see fitness wear available for lots of different sized women. You can find many well-known sports brands here on Discount Promo Codes, but one particular company deserve a special mention thanks to their huge selection of own-brand body positive gym wear.

You might not necessarily associate Marks and Spencer with fitness and sports wear, but they’ve really put in the work with their current range. Yes, it’s not unusual to find own brand gym wear from high street chains these days, but most of their items only go up to a size 18. However, M&S have more than 50 fitness garments available in a size 24 (and some in larger sizes too). These include everything from high impact sports bras to top quality gym leggings and when you order using our Marks and Spencer promo codes, you can get access to more online discounts to get you even better value for money.


M&S gym wear


Body Positive Underwear

It’s all very well having well-fitting, stylish clothing, yet lacking any decent underwear to put underneath kind of ruins the effect. Of course, bras have been available for the larger bosom for many years, but let’s face it, they’re not exactly the most aesthetically pleasing of undergarments. More practical than pretty is a polite way of describing most of them.

But thank goodness some companies are waking up to the fact that ALL women want sexy smalls, not just those who go up to C cup. The aforementioned M&S always deliver when it comes to great bras and knickers, but if you want a wider choice of body positive underwear brands, then our Figleaves discount codes can help you find a great price reduction. Their site features labels such as Freya and Fantasie that specialise in larger cup sizes, and Nubian Skin, who provide underwear in darker nude shades. Because inclusivity isn’t just about size.


figleaves bra set



So if you’re looking for a new perspective on plus size clothing, or underwear that actually matches your skin tone, then there is still plenty to enjoy in the world of online fashion. Body positivity is blooming right now, and it seems like more and more companies are embracing it.

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