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Posted on 30 Jun 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Be Enriched is a South London charity focused on reducing social isolation, through food. If you haven’t voted in the Discount Promo Codes’ July Charity Poll, the Be Enriched team would love your support. Scroll on to find out more about what Be Enriched do, and how your vote could make a huge difference.

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What do Be Enriched do?

The small, but mighty, team at Be Enriched works hard to bring people together for delicious and nutritious food. They aim to improve mental wellbeing alongside physical health, through different projects in Lambeth, Southwark and Wandsworth, including: 


Community Canteens

Every week Be Enriched works with volunteers to deliver hot and healthy three course meals across South London. That’s three courses, three times a week, in three locations. Guests come together to share good food and conversation. 

Anyone can come to the Canteens, held in Elephant and Castle (Mondays), Clapham (Wednesday) and Tooting (Fridays).

Guests love the weekly lunch session, and return for both the food and the friendship. One regular remarked: “If it weren’t for this space, I don’t know where I’d be – I’d still be wandering the streets aimlessly, and since I’ve been coming here, I’ve gained weight.” 

Another guest, who has attended the Elephant and Castle Canteen for the last year, added: “I could be very lonely, but I’m not and I look forward to coming here on a Monday to meet friends.” 

The canteens can be found at:

Elephant and Castle, Crossways Church Hall, 18 Hampton Street, SE17 3AL (on Mondays)

Clapham, Clapham Park Cube, 116 King’s Avenue, SW4 8EP (on Wednesdays)

Tooting, Tooting United Reformed Church, Rookstone Road, SW17 9NQ (on Fridays)

Lunch is served from 1 – 2.30pm, and everyone is welcome.

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The Food Bus

As part of its work #EnrichingCommunities, the Be Enriched team has converted a double-decker into a mobile greengrocers and community space. This unique bus brings lower cost, fresh produce and cupboard goods to areas where residents experience food insecurity and have limited access to healthy, affordable food. 

Operating across South London, the Food Bus makes a number of stops, offering a unique shop on the bottom deck, and a Café, with seating and Wi-Fi, on the top. Everyone is welcome aboard, whether it’s for a cucumber, can of beans, or a chat with neighbours. The Food Bus also complies with the Ultra Low Emissions Zone guidance, and uses solar panels to generate energy, providing a sustainable way to shop and socialise. 

The Be Enriched team has also taken the bus to a number of events, helping to educate people about healthy eating. This has included working with multiple partners, both local and national, such as Feeding Britain, farms and allotment owners, as well as schools, nurseries and hospitals. The Food Bus has established fantastic relationships across the city, and has been recognised for its innovation numerous times, including by the Mayor of London, at the Social Value Awards, and from Wandsworth Council. Residents return time and time again, and the impact of the bus is best summed up by this heart-warming exchange, overheard outside it, one week:

“You know Mum, I love this bus!" 

"Why do you love this bus?" 

"Because I want to eat some fruit and vegetables you know!"


Kids Clubs

At Be Enriched, the team believes that no child should go hungry, so every school holiday they run Kids Clubs for low-income families. Children are invited to take part in a range of fun and educational activities with others. These include art, craft, dance, theatre, Makaton and cookery. Parents have a chance to meet others, safe in the knowledge that their children will leave the day having enjoyed a day of food, fun, and friendship. 

Feedback from the parents includes: “You are really amazing and we love the activities you do for children and their families. Without you, we would struggle to get through the holidays. We love you.” 


How Can I Support Be Enriched?

There are many ways to support Be Enriched and this July you can help them for free by voting in the Discount Promo Codes poll. Cast your free vote today and you can help them win a donation without spending a penny.

Other ways to support this amazing charity include sending them a donation. They are grateful for all of the support they get, and donations are always welcome. There is a link to provide a donation on the Be Enriched website:

The team is always on the look out for volunteers to help at their Community Canteens. Working together, a small group faces the creative challenge of turning surplus ingredients into a delicious three course meal. No experience is required, and there’s plenty you’ll gain from your time in the kitchen. Find out more at

Some people even organise to bring their workmates, for a unique team building session that lets everyone get to know each other away from the office, while giving something back to the community. More details about a team session can be found at

Volunteering sessions run from 10.30am to 3.00pm, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Anyone interested in volunteering can also contact Be Enriched’s Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected] to discuss the details.

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How Can I Contact Be Enriched?

Get in touch by emailing [email protected]

For anything relating to volunteering, either individually or as part of a corporate team, email the Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]

If you would like to support Be Enriched by making a donation, or sponsoring one of the projects, please email [email protected]


How Can I Find Out More about Be Enriched?

Check out the website:  or follow Be Enriched on social media: Facebook:  Be Enriched, Instagram:  @be_enriched, LinkedIn: Be Enriched, Twitter: @be_enriched.

Have Be Enriched earned your vote in our July charity poll? If so then head over to the Discount Promo Codes homepage right now to help this incredible charity to provide hot meals and friendship to those in need. Don't forget to share the poll with loved ones and help Be Enriched to win a fantastic donation of 20% of our profits this July!

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