The Top 4 Gadget Gifts for Christmas

Posted on 02 Dec 2016 by Julian House
We have finally entered December, and no doubt many shoppers are already panicking about the gifts they haven’t found. Gadgets always make a fantastic present, so check out some of the best innovation from Currys, Amazon, IWOOT and Hawkins Bazaar.

 There’s something refreshing about gadgets, and a good product impresses everybody. With the rapid evolution of technology, they continue to improve and make our lives at home easier. We pick out some ideal gifts for loved ones this Christmas for the home or on the move.


The AppKettle

What a brilliant idea, a kettle that can be boiled without leaving the living room. It’s everybody’s’ pet peeve having to leave the toasty living room to enter the kitchen and although the kettle won’t make the tea for you, it saves a trip to the other room. This revolutionary concept allows you to control your kettle setting from an app on your phone, something that seems to be getting more popular in each household. Smart technology is now controlling our living rooms, bedrooms and kitchen. The AppKettle is being sold for £129, but when you use our IWOOT voucher codes, you can get 20% off your new game-changing kettle. Those famous words circulating your home, “Put the kettle on?” have now been eliminated from the family’s vocabulary. You don’t just switch it on either, the video below demonstrates how you can heat it to a specific temperature, measure your cup capacity and ensure there’s enough water in, plus you can send out a message to everyone in the household, to let them know you are making a brew. On your way back home, have the kettle ready for your arrival!


Wireless Speaker

You may have seen these speakers by now; they make it easy to listen to music on the go. The Bluetooth speaker is called the X-Mini KAI 2 and makes travelling with a speaker simple. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, yet it still possesses dynamic sound. It has crisp, clear sound and even has a microphone that eliminates other sound, so you can connect your phone and use it as a loudspeaker alternative. The product can be unscrewed and is great for a hotel, beach, a little get together or for a room in the house that doesn’t have quality speakers. It’s now on Amazon for £34.60 when you make use of our Amazon free delivery codes that ensure there are no added costs. If you are a student then you can take advantage of next day delivery too.



Virtual Reality

The immerse reality set helps us really augment ourselves into the gaming world as we make it our temporary reality. The new virtual reality and augmented gaming seems to be where the future is heading and you may have seen a number of VR goggles being made for the new generation consoles and even for the latest mobile phones. Hawkins Bazaar now showcase Immerse Plus VR Headset, they are the best-priced goggles you are likely to find. That’s because when you click onto the up to 60% promo codes, you will then find 20% off Hawkins Bazaar promotional codes that make this set just £19.99. These lightweight, and easily-adjustable goggles can be used for a whole range of different 3D games and movies.

Virtual Reality


Sat Nav’s & Mobile Phones

Trusty gadgets such as laptops and our mobile phones aren’t hard to find. But they make for the perfect Christmas gift and when you take into account some of the pre-holiday deals, it’s ideal for all parties. Currys are continuing their sales despite the passing of Black Friday, you can get a laptop for half price with our Currys promo codes. There’s a number of HP and Microsoft laptops available for surfing the net or using it as a business tool.




HP Spectre Laptop


There are numerous options for those looking for gifts, and there are ways to get the best gadgets for less. Buy something they will love with laptops, household essentials and more.



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