Space Saving Solutions for That Small Kids’ Bedroom

Posted on 08 Mar 2018 by Anna Scott
Even in this digital age, children still have a lot of stuff. And most it tends to end up on the floor. Even if they have quite a spacious bedroom, this can be a problem, so pity the one who draws the short straw and has to make do with the box room. A limited amount of bedroom space means us parents have to get creative, so we’ve put together some ideas that might come in useful if you’re sick of tripping up on discarded toys or abandoned bit of school uniform…


Cheap Cabin Beds

Of course, everyone knows bunk beds are the ultimate space-saving solution, but if there’s only one child in the room you can still raise that bed to fit essential stuff underneath. Although Pinterest may be filled with fancy photos of beautifully crafted cabin beds complete with stairs and cubby holes, in reality this sort of thing is out of the price range of most. The best resource for cheap beds is eBay with plenty of options under £150. These include basic mid-sleeper cabin beds with storage space underneath suitable for chests of drawers, to higher frames that you can fit corner desks underneath.


High cabin bed

Perfect from ages 5 and up, although this is ideal for older kids who need more desk and personal space. Or just more EVERYTHING space.


Everything Under the Bed

Yes, this is a popular way of saving bedroom space (if not using cabin beds), but most of the time, the technique consists of just pushing aside everything on the floor with your foot. Effective in the short term yet making more work for yourself later on. Time to get organised when in comes to under the bed storage then. This means buying flat boxes. They’re easy and cheap to get hold of from places like Argos and you can get ones just for specific items like shoes. That’s half the work done for you then.

underbed shoe boxes

This is a great way to store stuff like board games (yes, some kids still play them), bags, dressing up clothes and larger books that won’t fit on your limited shelf space.


Strong Wall Shelving

Shelves are always useful, but most don’t suit small rooms. A cheap freestanding book shelf is ok, but it’s going to be taking up floorspace you could be using for something else and balancing a lot of stuff on it can be a bit precarious. Wall shelving is the obvious answer for smaller bedrooms but have a think about exactly what is going to go on it. Some types are designed to support a huge amount of weight, and we’re guessing if storage is your main priority, then you’re going to be wanting to put a fair amount of stuff on them. Box shelving that you can attached to the walls is a great solution – think wooden crates but stuck on the wall. Of course, not all wooden crates are of the same level of sturdiness, so make sure yours are up to the job and that your brackets are strong enough to cope.

Remember, even the toughest wall shelving can’t withstand absolutely everything, so don’t overload them too much. Evenly spread those books and toys and if you’ve got the wall space, add an extra box, perhaps over the door frame.


Wardrobes on Walls

What on earth would we do without walls in situations such as this? One major drawback of having a small bedroom is having no room for a proper wardrobe. And yet kids still have clothes. Go figure. To avoid those garments ending up on the floor, you can buy special rails and racks that attach to your walls, so a wardrobe is no longer required.


wardrobe rails


BUT, after putting up that all that shelving, you might be running a little low on wall-space, right? If your kid’s bed is still at floor level, put the rail on the wall above the bed – that way the clothes are still within easy reach (when standing on the bed, obviously).


Clearly you won’t be able to do ALL of these things – if you decide to get your child a high cabin bed, this is going to reduce your wall space, for example. But have a good, hard look at the room and how you can best utilise every nook and cranny, then get creative with your solutions. Or if you’re lucky, it might just be a case of buying a plastic box to slide underneath the bed.

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