Help Fight Climate Change and Support Local Communities with Hope for the Future

Posted on 30 Jun 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Hope for the Future are one of the fantastic charities taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this July. Working with communities, individuals and local groups all over the UK, they support people to engage with their local politicians in the most effective way on climate and nature issues in order to bring about real change. They need your votes this month, so read on and find out how you can help establish a brighter future for the people and the planet. 

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What do Hope for the Future do? 

The mission for Hope for the Future is to ensure that action is taken on climate change so that we have a positive future for our planet and everyone on it. They do this by supporting communication between those within the community and politicians, so that the concerns of the public are raised to the people who have the power to enact change on a wider scale. They aim to reach at least 5000 individuals and 500 politicians by 2025 in order to get at least 50 wins for nature and the planet.

They are an inclusive and justice-driven charity, helping all voices to be heard, building a bridge between those in the political sphere and everyone who is impacted by political decisions. Their positive, hands-on approach engages local communities and their representatives as it enables both to see the climate crisis and its effect on nature and the planet, but also to see how we can change to create real hope for the future. 


Why Is It Important to Talk to MP's about Climate Change? 

Politicians and electoral candidates are able to raise concerns with those who implement national and local policies. Individuals and communities can create change, but it is estimated that only 9% of greenhouse gas emissions in the UK can be cut through the behaviour of individual people alone. Therefore, working with people who have the power to shape the government’s climate policies is key. Big change and real action is what Hope for the Future is all about, as far too often environmental issues get pushed to the side or overlooked by those in politics in favour of other current hot button issues. 

However, the climate crisis is affecting us, the planet and every other life on it, and needs to be made a priority. Hope for the Future helps ensure that MP's cannot go on ignoring the climate crisis or talking about action without ensuring that change happens. From wildfires to floods to extreme temperatures, the impact that our actions have had on the planet are now getting harder and harder to ignore, and we are seeing the road we are heading down if nothing changes. We are getting nearer and nearer the tipping point for the planet. Hope for the Future is here to help us step back from the brink, make positive change and put the environmental crisis at the forefront. 


How Do Hope for the Future Help Combat the Climate Crisis? 

Hope for the Future carries out a variety of activities and has many resources available to help get politicians, communities and individuals engaged in taking action against climate change.

Resource Hub: Their resource hub contains a variety of resources for people who want to contact their local MP about climate issues or discuss policies with candidates before a local election. They have tips on writing a pledge for a political candidate to sign, letter templates and guides for running local events. 

Events: Speaking of local events, alongside tips and support for setting up your own event, Hope for the Future has a number of events that they run to raise awareness, start a conversation and create real change for the planet. This includes free online events where you can learn about how to ensure that politicians are enacting change, and even meet candidates to discuss what they will be doing about climate change and the environment. 

Training: A lot of the work of Hope for the Future relies on effective communication. This includes communicating with local communities and politicians, as well as ensuring that effective communication occurs between all parties. They now have training resources available to help people learn how to reach out to MPs, how to establish a positive line of communication and how to make sure you are heard. 


How Can I Support Hope for the Future? 

This July, you can support Hope for the Future for free by voting for them in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll! That’s right, it doesn’t cost a penny and takes 2 seconds to do. All you need to do is visit our homepage, scroll until you see the charity poll and vote. If they get the most votes, they will get a donation of 20% of our profits!

There are other ways to support Hope for the Future too. For example you can send a one-off donation or Become a Friend and support them regularly. 


How Can I Contact Hope for the Future?

If you want to find out more about discussing the climate crisis with politicians, or see how you can run your own event, get in touch with the Hope for the Future team. They are available to answer any queries you have via their Contact Us page which has an enquiry form as well as links to their social media pages. 

Hope for the Future are hoping to win the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this month, and they need your support for this to happen. If you want to help in their mission to combat climate change then make sure to cast your free vote now! Voting opens on 1st July 2023 and closes on 31st July 2023 so get your vote in before it's too late. 

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