Cast A Vote for Husky Rescue Ireland in June's Charity Poll

Posted on 01 Jun 2022 by Amy Jackson

About Husky Rescue Ireland

The charity has been set up to reduce the suffering of huskies who have experienced irresponsible ownership. This could include abuse and neglect from the owners all across Ireland. Unfortunately there is still an increase in need of rescuing and re-homing huskies, the charity has committed its time to these akitas in need. Another main aim of HRI is to reduce the impact of abandoned and un-neutered huskies.

HRI Logo

How Does HRI Support Huskies?

HRI rescues, rehabilitates and rehomes healthy neutered dogs, as well as educates the public on responsible dog ownership and the wellbeing of dogs. The charity is able to do this by creating strong relationships with rescues throughout Ireland. The dogs receive high quality health care, as well as training whilst at least their basic needs are met.

What are the Aims Of Husky Rescue Ireland?

They are dedicated to representing and supporting the work of all the volunteers who ensure that the abandoned and unwanted akitas in Ireland are rescued, and re-homed. They also provide neutering, vaccinations, microchipping and more to ensure that all these dogs receive the right treatment. They aim to rehabilitate traumatised dogs, and they promote a responsible attitude towards the ownership and welfare of huskies.

Please vote for Husky Rescue Ireland in the charity poll this June and support them so they can continue to help huskies in need.

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