Help Us to Help Wiltshire’s Young People With a Vote for Youth Action Wiltshire in Our Charity Poll

Posted on 23 Feb 2021 by Amy Jackson
Youth Action Wiltshire LogoYouth Action Wiltshire is the award winning youth arm of Wiltshire charity, Community First (registered charity number 288117). The charity support thousands of young people across their five key projects:

Wiltshire Young Carers Service - Supporting young carers in their roles and equipping them for their futures.

Project Inspire - Providing support for young people who are not in education, employment or training, in order to help them overcome barriers and make progress.

Splash - A project that provides positive activity programmes and one to one support for young people facing challenges in their lives.

Volunteering & Youth Clubs - Providing volunteering opportunities for young people and support for the youth clubs of Wiltshire.

Oxenwood Outdoor Education Centre - Proving fun, inspiring, and accessible outdoor education for young people.


The Impact of Covid-19

Many young people already facing difficulties in their lives, who were finding life tough, have had their struggles further exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is due to increased anxiety and mental health issues, isolation, strained household relationships and for young carers, increased responsibilities at home. Since the start of the pandemic, the charity have seen an increased demand for their services. Unfortunately, this has come at a time when their income has been affected significantly due to the cancellation of face-to-face fundraising events and opportunities.

This March, we are supporting Youth Action Wiltshire in our charity poll, giving them a chance to win 20% of this month’s profits. Cast your vote today and help the charity continue to support Wiltshire’s young people. Find out more about the charity and their work by visiting their website:

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