What Gifts Do I Buy the New Girl in My Life for Valentine's Day?

Posted on 19 Jan 2017 by Anna Scott
As romantic and lovely as Valentine’s Day can potentially be, it is also a minefield of bad present ideas and ill-advised sexy underwear purchases. This is especially true if you’ve just started going out with someone. You want to treat them, obviously, but there’s a fine line between romantic and OTT. For example, a nice bunch of flowers = GOOD, but having the entire stock from your local florist delivered to their office = VERY BAD, and if you’ve only been on a couple of dates, this might make them run very fast in the opposite direction.  

Of course, the final choice of present very much depends on the individual, but here are a few suggestions for what Valentine’s Day gift you might buy your new girlfriend that shouldn’t offend, insult or scare. Hopefully…


A Beautiful Bouquet

We’ll start with the obvious and, let’s be honest, safest choice. Unless they suffer from off-the-scale-hayfever then there aren’t too many people who won’t be touched by a well-chosen floral bouquet. You’ll find loads of choice on our flowers page, but it’s worth noting that Debenhams Flowers discount codes are currently offering £6 off bouquets priced £25 or over. One very important thing to remember when ordering flowers for Valentine’s Day – make sure you organise them well in advance. A bouquet that’s a day or two late won’t have the same romantic effect. Quite the opposite in fact.



Theatre Tickets

An evening out is always a great idea but for Valentine’s Day, but why not go one step further? If you know what her favourite play, musical or type of music is (and we hope you do by this point), do a bit of research and see if there’s a show you can surprise her with on February 14th. Theatre People promo codes get you access to their winter sale prices covering a large choice of shows including Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (up to 45% off) and Mother Africa (over 35% off). And as good as we’re sure The Woman in Black is, it doesn’t exactly scream ‘romance’. Perhaps leave that one for another day.


Theatre stage


A Classy Accessory

Now, jewellery is a classic Valentine’s gift idea, but we’re not quite sure it works in this context. There’s something very personal about buying someone a piece of jewellery and you go back to the age of problem that comes with buying presents for a new girlfriend – over-familiarity. So what’s a good alternative? Stay in the accessories ball park and go with something that’s equally classy like a designer scarf. House of Fraser voucher codes can save you money on a number of Biba accessories including the Biba Logo Update Square (was £50, now £30) which makes both an incredibly stylish and impressive gift.



A Spa Day

A lot of folk can be very particular about their beauty products, and until you know them really well, it might not be wise to go rummaging around their bathroom for clues. So let’s leave the beauty products to one side for now and go with something like a spa day treat. This takes off some of the pressure because pretty much everyone will be pleased with this and they can use it whenever they want – just make sure you choose a location that’s easy for her to get to otherwise it could end up being more of a chore than a treat. Luckily, there are a number of options available with Spaseekers discount codes including Express Pamper Days from £35.


Spa treatment


A Gourmet Day Out

Now, this one could backfire in a dramatic fashion, but based on the fact that your girlfriend is relatively new, then an opportunity to get to know one another better is always welcome, right? Of course, you could do this over a nice dinner, but in order to really get to know a person then a day out doing some sort of activity together can show everyone’s true character. Something food-based rather than daredevil-based is a good choice, and with Red Letter Days promo codes you can book a Bermondsey Beer Mile and Cheese Trail for Two with an additional 15% off. Just remember to check she’s not dairy-intolerant first…


Cheese tasting


Hopefully these suggestions have given you a bit of Valentine’s Day inspiration if you’re one half of a new couple. It could well be the first true test of your relationship, but no pressure or anything…


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