Show Your Support and Vote for Integrate UK This October

Posted on 22 Sep 2021 by Amy Jackson

Who is Integrate UK?

Integrate UK Logo


Integrate UK is a charity dedicated to empowering young people to find their voice as well as a platform so they can express their ideas and views freely. They are a fantastic youth led charity, and the majority of their young people are from racialised and socio-economically challenged communities and may are Muslim girls.  tirelessly campaigning for racial and gender equality as well as cross-cultural cohesion. Since they have been established, the charity has helped 1000s of young people in Bristol as well as further afield with their learning and aspirations and have ensured that upon engaging with the charity, they will walk away with transferable skills gained from film development to conference organisation. They are also active educators on challenging issues such as right wing extremism, female genital mutilation, gang and drug culture and more.


What have Integrate UK Achieved?


 Integrate UK's project work includes the creation of youth-led media resources which are used to deliver peer education workshops to students and front-line professionals across the country, reaching 8,000 per year The charity has been creating creative content since their launch with which they have managed to campaign successfully to prompt change. Their work has won numerous awards such as Silver at the Charity Film Awards, and they have recently been awarded to National Lottery Funding for the next four years which is a tremendous help so the charity can continue their excellent work in supporting young people in the South West of England.


How Can I Support Integrate UK?


There are plenty of ways you can support Integrate UK, and you can start by simply following them on their social platforms so you can keep up to date with their achievements, news and other updates. If you have got a couple of extra pounds spare, then do feel free to visit their page to donate, as without your vital support the charity would not be here today. Lastly, if you can spare a couple of hours they always welcome volunteers as the bigger the community, the quicker change can be achieved for a better and brighter future.


To find out more, or make a donation to support the charity's work, visit their website:

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