Help Build a Brighter Future in Zambia with Build It International

Posted on 23 Aug 2023 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Vote for Build It International in our August charity poll and you can help provide skills training, education and building projects in Zambia in just one click! Cast your vote in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this month and you can change lives in a matter of seconds. Find out more about this incredible charity below and find out how you can help build a brighter future in Zambia.

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What Does Build It International Do?

Build It International is a UK charity who work internationally to provide vital skills training and build facilities such as schools and hospitals in Zambia. Their skills training teaches individuals in Zambia a variety of building skills such as plastering, painting, tiling, bricklaying and other construction skills, so that they can use this experience to gain employment, build key community buildings and support their families. 

Zambia has several disadvantaged communities who are in need of safe community buildings such as schools, hospitals, homes, sanitation facilities and much more. As the country grows, more people are in need of these services and therefore the construction and building trade is in need of more people who are professionally trained in building safe and durable buildings. Build It International helps individuals looking for employment to gain skills in an area which is in high demand, helping both the individual and their family, as well as employers and local communities to develop the facilities they rely on. 

Build It International also supports their graduates in finding and securing employment locally, and connecting them with mentoring opportunities. 

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Why Do They Work in Zambia? 

Established in 2007, Build It International recognised how they could help those in disadvantaged communities through their expertise in the construction sector. 

Zambia is home to over 19 million people, and yet it is one of the poorest countries in Africa. According to the United Nations Development Programme, 47.9% of households in Zambia are classified as multidimensionally poor with an additional 23.9% being vulnerable to multidimensional poverty. Multidimensional poverty refers to three dimensions of deprivation; monetary poverty, education and infrastructure services (e.g. lack of access to clean water and housing). These three dimensions of poverty make everyday life difficult for many people in Zambia, affecting everything from physical and mental health to future prospects and the ability to feed and support one's family. 

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That’s why Build It International takes a multidimensional approach, helping people to develop work skills and thus have more opportunities for future employment and financial prospects as well as helping local communities and the country as a whole to develop the facilities needed to support the people within them. 

Build It International Projects and Training Facilities

Build It International helps to build a brighter future for people in Zambia, and they do this by going above and beyond with their work skills training and support. Alongside the courses that they offer, they also aim to provide at least 3 months experience on a construction site to all students, as well as working with local employers to find paid employment for students. They also advocate for young people working in Zambia by influencing government plans and improving working standards for Zambian workers. 


Centre for Excellence 

Their Centre for Excellence is a work training and education facility where Build It International runs a range of courses for people in Zambia. Located on the northern edge of Lusaka, Zambia, the centre was opened in 2017 and has continued to expand ever since, offering more opportunities for skills training as it has grown. There is a range of practical construction skills training that takes place here, across the two-hectare site.

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Women Into Work Scheme 

Women into work is a scheme by Build It International to ensure gender equality, empower Zambian women and give women the same opportunity to learn construction skills and make an income as the men. Building and construction is often still viewed as a masculine vocation, however women are just as capable and keen to develop construction skills and utlitse them to create community facilities. However, although a lot of women signed up to Built It courses and gained professional skills, they took longer to secure employment. Built It, therefore, has made sure to focus on getting women into the workplace and ensuring that they are given the opportunity to not only complete the skills training but also secure employment after.

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They have worked on several projects to help their students to gain experience and skills, and the community gain a vital facility. You can find these on their Projects page, and see what facilities they have built so far such as schools and health centres as well as any upcoming projects. 


How Can I Support Build It International?

You can help Build It International by voting in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this August. All you need to do to cast your free vote is head over to our Homepage and vote for Build It International to support building projects and construction training in Zambia. 

There are many other ways you can Lend Your Support to Build It International too, such as taking part in a fundraising event or sending a donation to help with their ongoing work training and building projects. 


Contact Build It International

If you have a great fundraising idea, want to learn more or have a question for the team, you can give them a call on +44 (0)7865 573443 or email them at [email protected]. They also have an online Contact Form with a direct message form as well as contact details for their team in Zambia if you want to get in touch directly with them. 

If Build It International has won your heart this August then make sure to get your vote in for this incredible charity before the end of the month. If they win this donation, they can continue to provide work training opportunities and building projects in Zambia, helping both individuals, families and communities to access education, healthcare and to escape multidimensional poverty.

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