Save on adult colouring books with promo codes from The Works, The Book People and Waterstones

Posted on 02 Dec 2015 by Anna Scott
It’s been one of the year’s key book trends, and with our The Works promo codes, The Book People promo codes and Waterstones promo codes, we can help you hop on the adult colouring book bus if you want to give them to your friends and family this Christmas. With everyone from Harry Potter to Vogue getting in the act, there’s now a colouring book available for all, no matter what age, and with many touting their calming qualities, these are the perfect gifts for those who will require some de-stressing after the holidays…


Harry Potter Colouring BookWith The Works already providing not only fabulous arts and crafts products but also books, they’re the perfect place to start when it comes to looking for adult colouring books, something that straddles both these categories. The Works discount codes are always very generous, so it should come as no surprise that amongst current The Works promo codes there’s a saving that gets you 13% off your order when you spend £20 or more – the perfect opportunity to stock up! They’ve got a large selection of adult colouring books available including the Colour Me Calm Adult Colouring Book (RRP: £6.99, now £3), the Games of Thrones Adult Colouring Book with 20 Marker Pens (RRP: £13.99, now £10) and the Harry Potter Colouring Book (RRP: £9.99, now £7). And don’t forget to take an additional 13% off these already discounted prices with The Works discount codes if you hit your £20 minimum spend.


Art for Mindfulness: Winter Wonderland - Paperback - 9780007949212 - Lizzie HarperAnother online retailer that offers heavily discounted titles is The Book People, and seeing as they’re always on the ball when it comes to the latest publishing trends, they certainly don’t disappoint with their range of adult colouring books, With our current The Book People discount codes, you can claim free delivery when you spend £15 or more on their titles before 4th December, so why not get some of that Christmas shopping out of the way by using The Book People promo codes to purchase Art for Mindfulness: Winter Wonderland (RRP: £9.99, now £3.99), Millie Marotta’s Tropical Wonderland (RRP: £9.99, now £3.99) or Colour Yourself to Calmness (RRP: £9.99, now £3.99)? Or perhaps just fill up your basket with all three!



Vogue Colouring Book (Paperback)Of course, Waterstones are also getting in on the adult colouring book act and with our Waterstones discount codes you can get up to 40% off a very large selection of different titles, some of which are – you’ve guessed it – adult colouring books. And they really do have something for everyone – didn’t think you could get a colouring book version of Alice in Wonderland? Think again! So use our Waterstones promo codes to browse their impressive selection, and perhaps you might be tempted by The Macmillan Alice Colouring Book (was £10, now £7.50), Animorphia: An Extreme Colouring and Search Challenge (was £9.99, now £7.49) or the Vogue Colouring Book (was £10, now £7.50).



These make such fabulous Christmas presents, even for the fussiest of recipients, so take advantage of our The Works discount codes, The Book People discount codes and Waterstones discount codes while you can!


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