Help Solace Women’s Aid Support Survivors of Sexual Abuse and Vote in the Poll

Posted on 30 Jun 2021 by Amy Jackson
Solace Women's Aid Charity LogoSince the pandemic started demand for support for survivors of domestic abuse and sexual violence has more than doubled. Solace has got one vision in mind, to ensure that all women and children live free from any form of male violence.


How do Solace Women’s Aid Support Women and Children?

Solace is a leading provider of life-saving services to survivors supporting them from the moment of crisis to recovery to independence. For over 45 years Solace has provided support to women and children fleeing abuse. Last year they worked with over 23,000 people to change the conversation or to help them find safety to build lives free from abuse. Solace believes that no one should live in a world where violence is a part of everyday life, and everyone has the chance to move on from their past!

Solace’s services range from essential crisis advocacy and support therapy to working with the most marginalised women. Safe housing is also provided to ensure that individuals have a safe space where they can recover both physically and emotionally. Specific support lines for women and children who are homeless, are in need of Immigration Services such as Solicitors and access to a range of specialist services are also available so these survivors can receive exactly the support they need. Offering a wide range of training and consultancy services, the charity makes sure that not only work places, universities and colleges gain an increased awareness on the matter, but support for staff and students who may have experienced abuse is also available.


The Importance of Giving the Correct Support

As lockdown eases, and many people are enjoying their newfound freedom, the women and children supported by Solace are calling us in fear. Everyday women are calling with their children on their way to work or on the school run trying to find support to flee their abusive homes.

Rosie called their advice line from the park with her daughter, she was terrified for her life and had nowhere else to go. The charity’s Advice Line worker answered, supported her and made sure she could get somewhere safe that night. By this first step, Rosie has not only saved herself from future abuse in her past environment but has also ensured that her daughter can begin living in a safe environment and recovering from previous traumatic experiences.


Why Your Vote Matters

Your vote is crucial to make sure Solace Women’s Aid can respond to calls from women like Rosie. It would provide essential funding to make sure we can answer every single call. No one should have to flee domestic abuse alone. Your vote could keep the Solace lifeline open.

Find out more about the lifeline campaign of Solace Women’s Aid and more information on the charity and their services by visiting their website:

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