7 Reasons Why Having a Cat is the Best

Posted on 27 Oct 2016 by Anna Scott
It’s well known that we are a nation of pet lovers, so much so that we now have national days to celebrate this status. We’ve already had National Dog Day this year, and today sees the turn of National Black Cat Day to celebrate the most dark and mysterious of all cats. We can reward our feline friends for their amazingness using Zooplus.co.uk promo codes or Pure Pet Food discount codes, but of course, cat owners know that all cats are amazing in so many different ways, every single day of the year. And here are just a few reasons why…


They Toy With Our Emotions

sleeping catThis might not sound like an obvious cause for celebration, but this is probably their most distinct characteristic and one of the main reasons we not only love them, but also respect them. Dogs are great because they have no hidden inhibitions when it comes to them displaying their love for their owners, but cats are great too precisely because they do the complete opposite. They dangle the string of love in our faces then flick it away when they think we’re getting a bit clingy. In humans, this would be considered disgraceful behaviours but in cats, it just increase our levels of affection. And when they DO decide to show warm feelings, well it then means so much more.


They Make Good Alternative Hot Water Bottles

cat snugglingOne example how they convey their affection (because they really do love us deep down) is by snuggling up next to us. There’s nothing better than a big warm cat coming to sleep on your lap on next to you on the sofa, especially when they’ve chosen you over anyone else in the house.






They Clean Up After Themselves

cat cleaningWell, to a certain extent. They don’t go as far as emptying and cleaning out the litter tray, but for the most part they confine their business to the correct vessel. Let’s not mention the occasional pile of cat vomit left in the most awkward place possible that you end up stepping on before you’ve had your morning coffee. And if you need a hand cleaning up any mess that your cat does leave behind, there are plenty of accessories and aids available with Monster Pet Supplies promotional codes.



They Provide Endless Amusement

kittens playingNo matter how long you’ve been a cat owner for, you will never get tired when they do something cute or funny. Chasing a random bit of fluff around the house, trying to work out why that animal featured in the nature programme you’re watching isn’t actually hiding behind the TV set, or trying to cover up the remains of their food with imaginary dirt to stop any other imaginary cats stealing it – it’s all fascinating and delightful and it always will be no matter how many times they do it.


That Thing They Do With Their Paws

cat resting with pawsYou know the thing. When they’re snuggling down and they tuck their front paws in under themselves and it’s the most adorable thing in the history of adorable things.








They Talk Back

cat meowingAs any cat owner knows, your favourite pet understands exactly what you’re saying when you witter on about stuff to them when no one else is listening. You can unload life’s problems while they sit back and groom themselves, and they might pretend they’re not interested, but that meow back says otherwise. We all know this means they understand and appreciate our need to chat every now and again. Basically, having a cat is like having your very own confidante/therapist to hand.



They Set Their Own Exercise Routine

cat in gardenYes, walking a dog does have its advantages – it gives you a bit of exercise too for starters – but any dog owner who says they leap out of bed excited at the prospect of every single dog walk on every single day is a barefaced liar. So thank goodness for cats who decide for themselves whether they need exercise or not and set their own routines accordingly. A quick play in the garden? Fine. A random bolt around the house for no particular reason? Fine too. As long as it doesn’t involve us having to pull on the wellington boots and trek through mud and bracken on a rainy morning.


So cat owners rejoice this National Black Cat Day – we all know we have the best pets, even if they pretend they don’t love us back about 70% of the time.

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