Help Refugees Rebuild Their Lives With a Vote for Scottish Refugee Council

Posted on 26 May 2021 by Amy Jackson
Scottish Refugee Council LogoIndependent charity Scottish Refugee Council is there to provide support to those seeking refugee protection. For individuals and families, the asylum system in the UK can be incredibly tough, making it difficult for them to settle into a new country, and this is where the charity comes in. Working with people who have left devastating situations from all over the world, often places of conflict or human rights abuse, Scottish Refugee Council supports individuals as they rebuild their lives. In addition to providing both practical and emotional support, the charity campaigns for policy changes and speaks out against an unjust and unfair asylum system, ultimately helping individuals adapt to their new lives in a meaningful and sustainable way. Their vision is for everyone seeking refugee protection to be welcomed into Scotland while being given the human rights, respect and dignity they deserve.


Scottish Refugee Council Services

Scottish Refugee Council works to make sure the individuals they work with are supported and protected, helping them to rebuild their lives and achieve their full potential. In doing this, they provide a number of services:

Helpline - The charity’s dedicated helpline is there for anyone at any stage of the asylum process and is able to provide individuals with expert information and advice to those who need it. Professionals and support agencies are also able to access the helpline to obtain information when required.

Family Keywork Service - This service is designed to ensure that families who enter the asylum system are given the support and protection they need. Working with parents and children, they provide information and advice on areas including community services and access to schools. In addition, the charity offers outreach activities such as days out, which help families to build social connections.

New Refugees - Scottish Refugee Council also provides dedicated support for individuals and families who have recently gained refugee status. This can include help with learning English, health and education, as well as immediate issues regarding money and housing, allowing them to be fully supported as they start their new life.

Dundee Resettlement Support Service - Drawing on experience from Syrian families who have settled in Dundee, this service is available to those who have recently arrived in the area as a result of government resettlement programmes. This includes practical one-to-one support with paperwork and navigating the area, ultimately helping families to fulfil their long term goals.

Employment Support - When it comes to finding work, this can pose a number of issues for many refugees. Believing that everyone should be given the chance to work and earn a living, the charity provides training courses to help individuals navigate these challenges, focusing on creating CVs, looking at transferable skills, navigating the job market and mock interviews.

Lifeline Service - This service is designed for children and young people who arrive in the country having been separated from their families. In many cases, the children who the charity works with arrive in the UK incredibly frightened, often having lived through horrific experiences. The Lifeline Service helps children recover from trauma while adjusting to their new lives, providing friendly support from guardians. Additionally, volunteer befrienders are there to help young people overcome the challenges that come with living in a new country, such as cultural differences and language barriers.

Destitute Asylum Seeker Service - Scottish Refugee Council also provides a service for those who are destitute and have exhausted their rights to appeal to negative decisions that have been made towards their asylum claims. The charity can provide support in making emergency support applications, fresh asylum applications, as well as helping individuals to understand what their rights are. Additionally, they can help with making referrals for those needing specialist support such as food banks, psychological support and health and welfare.


How Your Support Helps

Scottish Refugee Council supports over 100 individuals, families and children every year, helping them to sustainably and meaningfully rebuild their lives. Donations from supporters can help fund their vital services:

- £15 could fund an interpreter to help individuals understand and act on the advice that the charity provides.
- £30 would be able to fund baby essentials and practical support for a new mother.
- £50 could fund holistic treatment for a new refugee family arriving in the country.

If you would like to make a donation, or find out more about how you can support the charity’s work, visit their website:

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