From Picnics to BBQs: The Vegan Guide to Surviving Summer

Posted on 29 Jul 2019 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
As the summer sun beams in the sky, everyone is gearing up for months of tanning, socialising and weekend trips to the beach. With picnics, barbecues and summer parties in full swing all over the UK however, there are those among us who have to plan a little more carefully how we are to go about enjoying these social events. If you have a special diet such as vegetarian, vegan or gluten free, then you will no doubt have experienced the angst of not knowing what food you will be able to have, wondering what to bring and feeling a bit out of your depth when it comes to standing out as the “vegan at the BBQ”. However, there are a variety of tasty foods you can bring, as well as accidentally vegan foods which will have even the meat eaters drooling over your plate!

How to Tackle the BBQ

A summer barbie is something everyone looks forward to year after year; and just because you have a different diet than your family or friends, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on this perfect past time. From banging burgers to succulent sausages, everyone can enjoy a summer feast without feeling left out!


Burgers: There are a variety of tasty vegan burgers available in many top supermarkets, which are ideal for a barbecue. For example, the famous Beyond Meat burgers are plant-based, vegan burgers which not only taste incredible but are also soy and gluten-free. Using our Tesco discount codes, you can get 2 burgers for a great price, and save on even more summer nibbles when you check out their Free From range online. These fab burgers are not only winners in multiple taste tests but have also won the Champions of the Earth award for their super sustainable and earth friendly ingredients. In just 3 minutes per side, these bad boys are ready to eat!

Sausages: The plant-based sausage game has been going strong for years now, and with even more of a variety now than ever before. However, the age-old favourite has got to be the go-to for any summer barbie. Using our Sainsbury’s promo codes, you can get savings on 6 classic Linda McCartney sausages, and enjoy some delicious sausages for less! These are a favourite among veggies, vegans and meat eaters alike; and are perfect for tasty hotdogs.

Enjoy a Perfect Plant Based Picnic

Whether it’s a family picnic on the beach or a romantic picnic in the park, there are a variety of tasty snacks and treats on offer for those living a vegan lifestyle. Many picnic staples such as crisps, biscuits and couscous are already “accidentally” vegan, so you don’t have to always have something different to your friends and family.

Snacks: For the nibbles and treats there are a variety of common snacks which are already vegan. For example most varieties of Walkers Crisps, Bourbon biscuits and peanuts are all dairy and egg free; as well as classic dips such as hummus and salsa. There are also a variety of sweet and salty nibbles in the Free From section of many big supermarkets, which offer a range of cakes, chocolate bars, fruit snacks and also gluten free treats. Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget about the classic veggie and fruit snacks such as fruit salads, crudites and pitta bread and hummus which are already vegan picnic staples!

Sandwiches & Wraps: Sandwich fillings can be tricky for the dairy and meat free among us. However, places such as Coop, Tesco’s and Marks and Spencer have a variety of sandwiches on offer with tasty fillings including falafel and hummus wraps, pulled jackfruit baguettes and chickpea curry sandwiches. With our Marks and Spencer discount codes, you can stock up on a variety of sandwiches and snacks online at a bargain price; so you can be prepared for your vegan picnic without spending a fortune! If you want even more variety then you can pack your own sandwiches with delicious fillings such as vegan bacon (available at Holland and Barrett or other heath food shops) with lettuce and tomato for a classic BLT, marmite, peanut butter, jam or something more exciting fillings such as chickpea tuna mayo or scrambled tofu! Just don’t forget vegan margarine which is available at most major UK supermarkets. 


Sausage Rolls: Whether you want full sausage rolls to cut up into picnic size nibbles, or fancy some mini sausage rolls to take, there are a variety of brands to choose from. From Linda McCartney sausage rolls to Fry’s sausage rolls, you can find vegan sausage rolls in health food shops and supermarkets around the UK including Sainsburys and Holland and Barrett. 


Other Summer Essentials for Vegans

Ice Lollies & Ice Creams: With temperatures rising, it is essential to keep cool in the summer. As well as staying hydrated, that also means you can enjoy some tasty cooling treats such as ice lollies and ice creams! With our Sainsburys promo codes, you can explore their range of ice lollies and vegan ice creams online, and stock up on tasty vegan Magnums (plain and almond flavour), fruit juice lollies or vegan Cornetto’s to relax and enjoy in the sun.  


Water: The great thing about water is that everyone can drink it. Staying hydrated is essential during the summer, especially if you are engaging in a lot of physical activity; but even if not, having a bottle of water handy at all times is key!

Sunscreen: This addition may be confusing, as non-food items are often not associated with veganism or different diets. However, there is more to veganism than just what you can and can’t eat. Some sunscreens have hidden animal ingredients such as milk, and many are tested on animals, which many vegans, vegetarians and plat-based dieters don’t want to support. However, there are a range of animal friendly sun creams out there, including Green People Sunscreen, Superdrug’s own brand Solait sun cream and Kiss My Face sunscreen which is available at Amazon and is perfect for sensitive skin. 

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