How Your Vote for Tiny Paws MCR can Help Rodents and Rabbits In Need

Posted on 31 Oct 2022 by Emily Atkinson-Dalton
Tiny Paws MCR are one of our wonderful charities taking part in the Discount Promo Codes charity poll this November. If you have yet to vote in the poll, can't decide who to vote for or just want to find out more about these incredible causes,  then read on to find out all about this small, Manchester charity helping our smallest furry friends.  Find out what they do, why they need the donation and how you can support them below. 


Tiny Paws MCR is a home-based, vegan-run, small animal rescue set up in early 2019. The charity rescues rodents and rabbits in the Manchester area, and finds them forever homes with loving humans. The organisation is a registered charity, no. 1186507.


What Does Tiny Paws MCR Do? 


The rescue takes in over 100 small animals each year, including rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, rats, mice, gerbils and hamsters. These animals come into rescue for a variety of reasons, some come from large welfare cases, where Tiny Paws works alongside other rescues, others have been found straying or were dumped, and many are “unwanted” after being purchased on a whim with no research and their carers rapidly found themselves out of their depth.

While many people may assume that small animals are low-commitment, cheap and easy “pets”, often purchased for children, this is far from the reality. Rodents and rabbits have very specific needs in terms of diet and housing, needing a lot more space and enrichment than most realise, and as prey animals rarely enjoy being handled. They are also considered “exotics” in the veterinary world, requiring specialist treatment by vets who have completed additional training to allow them to diagnose and care for these sensitive animals.

Animals coming into the care of Tiny Paws often require veterinary treatment, from vaccinations and neutering to treatment for illness and injury. The charity regularly spends in excess of £1000 a month on vet fees, working with experienced exotic vets to nurse animals back to health and prepare them for adoption.

Once ready for adoption, the search starts for the perfect home! All adopters are carefully vetted and must meet strict rehoming criteria to adopt from Tiny Paws. The charity provides lots of advice for potential adopters to ensure all animals receive the very best of care, and provide a lifetime of support and rescue back up after an adoption takes place. Many wonderful adopters have returned to adopt more small animals in need from the rescue, even taking on those with ongoing health issues who need extra special homes.


How Can I Support Tiny Paws MCR?


While you’re here on the Discount Promo Codes site, head to the home page and vote for Tiny Paws MCR to win a donation of 20% of the site’s profits for this month! It only takes a few seconds – click on Tiny Paws MCR  in the poll on the right hand side of the home page (or at the bottom of the home page if on mobile).


The charity relies on donations from kind members of the public to run the rescue. Without you, they wouldn’t be able to do what they do and help small animals in need.

Every month vet bills are by far the main cost for the charity, followed by bedding and food. When it comes to costs like this, the rescue depends on the generosity of animal loving people like you to provide the best of care to the tiny paws they take in, who are so often overlooked. 

Tiny Paws needs YOUR help to feed, house, and provide appropriate veterinary treatment to neglected and 'unwanted' rodents and rabbits so that they can prepare them to find their forever homes.

You can make a one-off or recurring donation via the website at

As a thank you to supporters who choose to make a monthly donation, Tiny Paws runs an exclusive Facebook group where they share extra updates, photos and videos of the animals in the rescue’s care. Set up a recurring donation and you'll receive a link to the group!


If you’d prefer to send supplies, you can do so via the rescue’s wishlists. The animals almost always need bedding, hay, and litter, amongst other items!



Buy something from the rescue’s online shop! Calendars, Christmas Cards, T-Shirts, Tote Bags and more are all available via



Could you offer a forever home for a rodent or rabbit (or two… or more!)? 

There are many rodents and rabbits in rescue in the UK, so Tiny Paws firmly believes in the motto ‘Adopt Don’t Shop’. Giving a rescue animal their forever home is a really rewarding thing to do.

Many of the animals who come to the rescue have had a difficult start to their lives, often experiencing neglect, and in some cases have already lived in multiple different homes. As such Tiny Paws works hard to ensure they find forever homes where they will find stability and respect as much loved members of the family.

Details of all animals ready and waiting for their new families can be found on the Tiny Paws website, along with an adoption application form


How Can I Find Out More about Tiny Paws MCR?

Keep up to date with Tiny Paws MCR’s work via the following links:

Website -

Facebook -

Instagram -


If Tiny Paws MCR have stolen your heart, then make sure to give them a vote via our Homepage. You will find the poll on the right hand side, or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices. Although you don't need to use vouchers in order to vote, don't forget that any vouchers you do use will add to the donation made to the winning charity!

Vote, share, save money and raise money this November and help little lives in need of a loving home. 

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