The Best Christmas Toys for 2016

Posted on 07 Dec 2016 by Julian House
The best thing about Christmas is seeing that priceless look on the little one’s face once they’ve opened their presents. With toy sales going through the roof, it could be worth taking a look at the most popular toys online.

There’s been a lot of talk surrounding recent toy releases and a lot of them have continuously sold-out throughout the year. Take a look at this year’s favourite toys and gems that most parents will be looking to pick up as the ideal Christmas gift for the kids


Star Wars Starfighter Quadcopter

This is the ultimate tech toy for Christmas, with the drone phenomenon increasing in popularity this is right up there with the best. This almost feels like a secret gift for the Dad, rather than the kids. It reaches unbelievable speeds of 35mph and has other features too. It has more than just a drone purpose to it, you can fight other Star War fighters too. This deluxe edition makes for an unforgettable gift and no doubt, you’ll turn into a child again this Christmas with the Quadcopter being great for all ages to enjoy. There’s an authentic battle design to this toy, allowing the real movie to be replicated with the laser features.


Starwars Quadcopter


Age Group- 14-100 years

Features- It has a three-speed setting and lasers allowing it to battle with 24 users.

Price- £199.99

Tips- It is now available to pre-order here. You can also use Toys R Us promo codes for 50% off other Star Wars accessories and toys.



The toy that’s proving to be very popular already, most stores have already sold out. Keep an eye on these animals and help your kids wait for the new-born to hatch. Despite very little going on once they’ve hatched, they seem to be in demand and in-fact they are hard to come by at UK stores. Your best hope is to take a look on eBay and sign up to the John Lewis mailing system to find out when they will be available again.




Age Group- 5-8years

Features- They exactly what you imagined, the furry toys hatch from an egg.

Price- £59.99

Tips- Don’t hold your breath and if you’re adamant on getting one of these toys then stay alert and ensure all the big chains are informing you with the latest news and releases.


Pit Stop Challenge

Would it even be Christmas without some form of Scalextric for both the adults and kids. The latest one is Hawkins Bazaar’s Pit Stop Challenge. This isn’t your average Scalextric set, it’s got all the fundamental immersed amongst the modern technology. It allows you to control more than one car at a time, and in-turn enables some interesting race scenarios. This game is sure to provide hours of fun for the family this Christmas. Race four cars at a time with new manoeuvres and tactics sure to make things interesting.

Pit Stop Challenge Scalextric


Age Group- 7 plus years

Features- New overtaking and braking techniques to spice up the race.

Price- Retails at £250 unless you use our tip below.

Tips- You can save 40% with Hawkins Bazaar voucher codes and get this innovative slot car game for £149.99.


Pie Face Game

One that has continued it reign at the top since last Christmas. Posts on social media have cemented its lead in the realm of the toy and game world for another festive period. It’s likely that parents will be treating their household to this game once again, it may be messy but it’s great fun for the adults and kids alike. The aim of the game is to avoid pie in the face and laugh at somebody else who wasn’t as fortunate.

Pie Face

Age Group- 4 plus

Features- Take risks and find out who gets pie in the face. No doubt it will be you!

Price- Use Argos promo codes to get it for £16.99.

Tips- Buy it before it’s too late and apply the Argos free delivery codes to ensure you save money.


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